Disclosing all the details. As soon as she went public with her relationship with Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, in July, Renée Ash made headlines for her adultery.

In a new interview with In Touch, she reveals that she would like to speak to his family, including his wife, Sheri Easterling, and their TikTok star daughter, Addison Rae.

A 25-year-old Ash says, “I know what occurred, everyone around me knows the truth, and if they wanted to talk to me, fantastic.”

“I don’t want to put myself in their lives any more than what they already have by getting involved with all these erroneous concepts.”

As Ash tells In Touch, she thought Lopez and Easterling were “together for their public image and business,” but Lopez told her he was in the process of seeking a divorce.

“I’m sure you’ve seen copies of text messages he’s sent me,” she tells Page Six, referring to the leaked private communications she shared with the publication.

Monty Lopez's Mistress Renee 'Would Love' to Speak to Addison Rae's Family: 'I Know What Happened'

As long as we maintain our ‘facade,’ he warned, the checks will get bigger. For the past two years, I believe he has been living in Los Angeles. Since I last checked, he and Sheri hadn’t had a proper relationship.

Ash says In Touch, “Definitely not, because this man has done damage to his family, to me.” There is no point in causing further distress to them.

I don’t want this to be all about me, but I’m also going through a breakup and a lot of hate.”

Although the two are 20 years apart in age, Ash says they “started hanging out back in February” and admits she wasn’t put off by it. Although dating an older man was unusual, she says she fell in love with the Bam Social founder “as a person, not necessarily for any other reason.”

When we first started hanging out together, I’m not sure what happened next. I never care about appearances. I’m pondering why this character piqued my interest. Oddly, age is simply a number. In my family, “all the women are married to older guys.”

After a night out with friends, Ash recounts the moment when she and Lopez “became romantic.”

“Everyone went back to his place and wanted to go to a club after that, and I was just too sleepy to do any of those things. Everyone left me in his guest room after he did that. He was nice and didn’t try anything, which I appreciated,” she recalls.

“After that, we became friends with the other couple and began spending time together. I’m not sure why we got along; I just think we did. We share the same kind of crude humour and could go on and on about the most ridiculous things.

Monty Lopez's Mistress Renee 'Would Love' to Speak to Addison Rae's Family: 'I Know What Happened'

Lopez didn’t try to disguise his feelings for Ash as their relationship grew, and he would openly refer to her as his girlfriend. Aside from the public outside of Los Angeles, I wasn’t a secret from what I had been led to believe,” she says.

While they were dating, Lopez introduced Ash to his family, including his mother and brother. The two of them were sitting on a bench in the South of France, and Ash recalls that he was FaceTiming his mother and they were on the FaceTime together.

It was also revealed to me that Irma is aware of my existence and eagerly awaits the opportunity to meet my mother. There were many nights when we would FaceTime with his younger brother to have a good time, even though we were only friends.

There would be this hilarious thing where he would just open one eye and have the light on, but have no idea why we were calling him.

Because he is in Louisiana it is a few hours later. In the months since we’ve communicated via Instagram, and it was no secret to him who I was. During his trips to Louisiana, Monty would FaceTime me with his brother and pals.

While Lopez was still married, Ash discovered that he had apparently been seeing other women as well, which led her to abandon their relationship. According to the social media influencer, “he was in Europe for about a month at the time and I was with him for about a week at that.”

His constant plea to not drink too much and not to black out was heard throughout the duration of his stay.” I’m not going to risk losing you over some insignificant blunder. Due to my inebriated state, it is impossible for me to be honest.

As it is, it’s hard to believe this isn’t a projection. To be honest, I understand why he feels the need to constantly remind me of it, but why is he saying it so frequently and so frequently?”

It was only a matter of weeks before Renée Ash revealed their affair that Ash’s friend’s lover took his own life. The week Ash spent with her friend’s mother in L.A. was the time she learned that Lopez was supposedly having an affair with other women.

Monty Lopez's Mistress Renee 'Would Love' to Speak to Addison Rae's Family: 'I Know What Happened'

“He showed me a screenshot of a TikTok tearoom Instagram, and I don’t even know what to make of it.

They stated something like, ‘Monty FaceTimes 19-year-old asking for screenshots,'” she recalls in the comments section of the post.

In addition to that, the article talked about young girls, and I was like, ‘OK, I wouldn’t be surprised if something was said about me, because we go out in public together, we go to events together, snap pictures whatever.'”

That was his response when I confronted him with the question: “Do you believe anything you read?” Then a video of him trying to screenshot a 19-year-old was released, and he admitted to me that he wasn’t in it. Of course, it’s you. I recognize your voice and your appearance.

Then other videos emerged showing him grabbing and kissing strangers. When I heard that he was threatening to break up with a girl on the Fourth of July, I was worried about what that meant for my relationship with him.

In the wake of Ash and Monty Lopez’s breakup and the revelations of their affair, Easterling released a message on Instagram regarding her husband’s infidelity and altered her bio to reflect that she is currently single.

The friendship between Ash and Lopez has left Lopez “beyond ashamed,” according to Ash.

Monty Lopez's Mistress Renee 'Would Love' to Speak to Addison Rae's Family: 'I Know What Happened'

According to her, “I also heard recently that he’s been saying all along that we’ve had an open relationship and that we are planning to be married when our divorce is official,” she continues. “That he intends to marry me.

His name will be given to boys, and mine to daughters. Gaslit me to death with all this love bombing! In the wake of his being so insecure and me telling him, “Babe, it’s OK, you have nothing to worry about,” I am humiliated to have been with this guy. “I’m here for you.”

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