Derek Jeter is speaking out about the breakdown of his marriage to Alex Rodriguez. The Captain, an upcoming ESPN docuseries on Jeter, will see the 48-year-old MLB Hall of Famer talk about his breakup with former teammate Derek Jeter.

Shortstops Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez had a long-standing bond before they joined the Yankees. In an interview with Esquire in 2001, Rodriguez, 46, made a disparaging remark about his friend.

“He’s a stoic, reticent man. As a result, he’s surrounded himself with some of the best players in the game.

As a result, he’s never had to assume command. He doesn’t have to; he can simply go out and play for the sake of it and hit second “At the time, Rodriguez confirmed this to the publication.

Derek Jeter Reveals Why Alex Rodriguez Was Not a 'True Friend' to Him

“Being a second baseman is a completely different experience than being a third or fourth baseman in a lineup because you’re going into New York trying to stop Bernie Williams and Paul O’Neill and everyone.

The phrase “Don’t let Derek beat you” never enters your vocabulary. Those aren’t your concerns.”

Despite Alex Rodriguez’s apology to Jeter, he made a similar comment to another media source soon afterward. It was a circumstance that didn’t sit well with Jeter, as he describes it in “The Captain”.

As he has already stated, “I’m a loyal person,” he says, according to several media agencies. “As a buddy, I’m steadfast.

I simply thought, ‘I wouldn’t have done it.’ That was followed by a frenzy from the press corps. The continual hammering of the nails. They kept hammering it in. I was annoyed because it became a nuisance. Constantly droning hum.”

Jeter and the Yankees won four World Series in five years, from 1996 to 2000, prompting Rodriguez’s remarks about the team.

Rodriguez, who was a member of the Texas Rangers at the time, didn’t win a World Series until 2009 when he was a member of the Yankees alongside Derek Jeter. However, he had a lucrative deal with the Rangers and great on-field stats.

“If you’re attempting to explain your compensation by minimizing what I’m doing, you may be trying to justify your own. When it comes to numbers, I’m nowhere near Alex’s level of expertise. I’m not deaf or infirm.

Derek Jeter Reveals Why Alex Rodriguez Was Not a 'True Friend' to Him

That’s something I can see. Then again, we won!” Derek Jeter states as much in the documentary. “As a player, you are free to make any remarks you like. That’s just great with me. But it all comes down to trust and loyalty.

This is how he feels. I had the impression that he wasn’t a real buddy to me. For the simple reason that I would never do such a thing to a buddy.”

In The Captain, Rodriguez recalls how he felt about the article’s publication: “When that came out, I felt pretty horrible about it.”

“It was clear to me how things were going. The way it was worded, I said exactly what I meant. It was a statement that I still believe in today, “That is what he says.

“That’s how big the wave was: a whole tsunami. Quite simply, it was one of the finest sports teams ever put together. To claim that you don’t have to focus just on one person is very reasonable.

My Mariners team, incidentally, might be compared to that. We had the likes of Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, and Jay Buhner on hand. ‘No s**t.’ if someone said it about me. Absolutely. You can’t only be worried about me.'”

Derek Jeter Reveals Why Alex Rodriguez Was Not a 'True Friend' to Him

Rodriguez says he stands by his comment but admits that his friendship with Jeter was hurt as a result of it. Rodriguez stands by his comments.

“From that moment on, everything was never quite the same again,” Rodriguez explains.”

I believe the problem stems from my lack of knowledge of how things work. In many ways, the fact that my father left when I was 10 and I didn’t have that schooling at home — the hard knocks and rough love — contributed to my sense of insecurity and low self-esteem.

In time, I discovered that all you had to do was simply be yourself.”

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