On this week’s episode of the Pod Meets World revisit digital recording, acclaimed Boy Meets World entertainer William Daniels revealed the origins of his noteworthy Mr. Feeny character, and it turns out the beloved instructor never became.

Michael Jacobs, the creator of Boy Meets World, apparently approached Daniels about a job opportunity.

‘I asked a gathering since I turned it down, and they deserved to know why,’ Daniels told the three hosts and the show’s former stars, Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel, and Will Friedle. Indeed, that is an amusing moniker and I would prefer not to mock educators.'” “I responded. In my opinion, they’ve fallen short of what I expect of them.”

Daniels joined the webcast with his long-term partner, performer Bonnie Bartlett, who has been with him for almost 70 years.

When William Daniels, Mr. Feeny on 'Boy Meets World,' Initially Turned Down the Role, He Explains Why He Eventually Accepted It

While Daniels and Jacobs discussed it, Jacobs made it clear that Mr. Feeny was based on a real coach Jacobs had when he was in high school.

According to Daniels, “I understood the role would be treated with dignity.” Despite all of this, he remained unconvinced.

On the show’s first table read, Mr. Feeny’s depiction of the character was actually unacceptable, according to recollections from Bartlett and the webcast. It was only after Jacobs rewrote the script that Bonnie Bartlett realized her boyfriend had actually made the decision to leave.

When William Daniels, Mr. Feeny on 'Boy Meets World,' Initially Turned Down the Role, He Explains Why He Eventually Accepted It

As a result, Mr. Feeny became one of television’s most recognizable instructors. Daniels recalled a time when he had to leave a group of teenagers in New York.

“Mr. Feeny!” yelled many of the students as they exited the bus. And they ran, and I went around the block,” he said, laughing as he relived the experience with the rest of the crowd.

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