Wayne Gino Odjick was a Canadian professional ice hockey left winger born on 7th September 1970 in Maniwaki, Canada. He played eight seasons for the Vancouver Canucks and was the most loved player of all. He was the best fighter on the team and even after battling a rare disease, his game was never affected.

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He played twelve seasons in the National Hockey League from 1990 to 2002 for the Vancouver Canucks, New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, and Montreal Canadiens.

Odjick’ was born to Joe, who was a fisher guide, and Marie-Antoinette Marchand.He is the only son among his six siblings and was very responsible since his childhood.

Gino Odjick’s net worth

According to the reports it is estimated that the ice hockey legend had a net worth of $3 million at the time of his death. He was a player of the Vancouver Canucks and earned the majority of his income from it.

He also played for New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, and Montreal Canadiens and had earned a lot from it as well and has done very great in his career.

Gino Odjick’s wife and children

Gino Odjick was married to Jolene Odjick. His wife prefers to keep a low profile and is not seen making any public appearances. But she sure is the supporting element in Gino’s life and he adores his wife

Gino Odjick Wife

Thus, not much is known about her and Gino also respects his wife’s privacy and is not seen talking about his wife and tries to maintain an unresponsive stance.

Gino is a father of two kids, Bure Odjick and Tobias Commanda-Odjick. Although, Gino is a professional hockey player, he maintains a distance from the public eye and is not seen talking much about his family.

He tries to protect his family and makes efforts to not make bring his family or his personal life into the spotlight.

Gino Odjick’s disease

Former Vancouver Canuck Gino Odjick was battling with a rare disease AL amyloidosis, which is a rare terminal illness that causes a gelatin-like protein to be deposited in the heart muscle, affecting the organ’s ability to expand and contract.

Once he opened up about how much it takes to fight a battle against a rare disease. He was diagnosed with the disease at a very early stage and was operated on for the same.

He further explained how relieved he was to know that now he’ll be free from the fear of this disease for the next 10+ years and that doctors assured him that he is going to be all right.

gino odjick children

The fans and well-wishers helped him a lot in coming out of that phase strongly and Gino also thankful to his fans for praying for his good health and giving him the strength he needed.

Gino Odjick’s death

Unfortunately, on 15th January 2023, we all lost our ice hockey legend Gino Odjick at an age of 52. He was diagnosed with AL amyloidosis, a rare terminal illness that creates a gelation-like deposit in the heart muscle making it unable to contract or extract.

He was battling with the disease for a very long time and was once operated for it as well. His disease was detected at a very early stage and thus was able to operate it but unfortunately, the disease grew bigger and the hockey legend couldn’t escape from it.

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