In the wake of the Television Academy’s decision to snub “This Is Us” during its final season, Mandy Moore deserves her own award for her polite response.

Emmy nominations for both actors and series were snubbed in 2022 for the show, which is one of the most-watched network shows, prompting an online outcry from fans who consider it the show’s “finest hour.”

“Do I wish our show had been recognized during what I believe to be its best period of performance? Yes, that is correct “As of July 12th, the actress had made the post on her Instagram Stories.

Additionally, Moore praised the show’s “insanely, outrageously gifted” cast and crew for their “great writing,” Ken Olin’s “impeccable direction,” and Dan Fogelman.

Then she said, “However, nothing can take away the significance of our show to so many people us included. Being a part of that legacy is truly an honor. I’ll be eternally grateful to you.”

Since the show’s stars and writers have invested so much heart and soul into the last six seasons, this snub is especially galling to viewers.

Mandy Moore Is Grateful for The Snub of An Emmy Nomination

A fan on Twitter said, “The Way Mandy Moore Plays Rebecca At Every Age, and makes me forget it’s not really 3 separate Characters is AMAZING ACTING,” during the last season of the program.

“At the End of This, She Definitely Deserves an Emmy.” If they don’t give Mandy Moore an Emmy after this season, another admirer joked, “We’ll riot.”

On Instagram Stories, Chrissy Metz also voiced her displeasure. “I’m here to say hello to everyone! It’s Chrissy Metz, also known as Bitter Betty “A statement by the performer. “I’ve come to express my uninvited, personal viewpoint in a public forum.

So, take heed of what I’m saying. As a result, folks like Dan Fogelman and Mandy Moore, both of whom are innately talented, don’t get the recognition they deserve for their magnificent work and the way it has impacted people’s lives and minds…

Mandy Moore Is Grateful for The Snub of An Emmy Nomination

.” Metz drew to a close. You know it’s not everything, but at least it’s something, right?

“The Forever Now” was nominated for an Emmy for a best original song by the show’s composer and songwriter Siddhartha Khosla and Taylor Goldsmith, who is also a singer and songwriter.

With an applause emoji attached, Moore wrote she was “so unendingly proud” of the two.

The song, whose lyrics were penned by Goldsmith, was famously performed by Moore in the episode “Day of the Wedding” during the show’s final season.

Mandy Moore Is Grateful for The Snub of An Emmy Nomination

Fogelman, the show’s executive producer, reacted well to the nomination setback.

In a tweet, he said, “The Emmy nomination for #ThisIsUs did not break today – if you’re happy when they go your way, you have to take it on the chin.”

“They all deserve a ‘Danny’ from me.”

On September 12, NBC will broadcast the 74th annual primetime Emmy Awards.

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