In a new period drama, Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer will portray secret lovers, and the idea has us all drooling.

For the limited-series Showtime series “Fellow Travelers,” based on Thomas Mallon’s novel of the same name, the gorgeous actors have been cast.

A recent Fordham University graduate who is fiercely religious, Bailey will play Tim Laughlin; Bomer will play Hawkins Fuller, a charismatic State Department officer who avoids getting involved with women until he meets Bailey.

Allison Williams, a former cast member of “Girls,” will play Lucy Smith, the daughter of a senator and close friend of Hawkins.

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey Will Play Secret Lovers in A New Historical Drama

According to Showtime, the eight-part series is “an epic love tale and political thriller, portraying the tumultuous passion of two very different men who meet in the shadows of McCarthy-era Washington.”

A blossoming romance between Hawkins and Tim begins as US Senator Joseph McCarthy and prosecutor Roy Cohn declare war on “subversives and sexual deviants”.

In the late 1950s, and it continues over the course of four decades as the characters cross paths at anti-Vietnam War protests, then the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.

In the romance miniseries, Bailey and Bomer look pleased to be working together. On the morning of July 11, Bomer took to Instagram to thank his followers for their support, writing, “I’ve been keeping this one under wraps for a while now.

I’m beyond thrilled to be taking part in Fellow Travelers with actor @jbayleaf, whom I esteem and appreciate more than words can express.

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey Will Play Secret Lovers in A New Historical Drama

Allison Williams, too, is a stunning performer! So thrilled to have this narrative in their hands, and can’t wait to share it with them.”

While on Instagram, Bailey shared her thoughts on the subject “It’s a great narrative. Incredibly talented. THRILLED to be a part of this,” Bomer responded, “So thankful to be working with you on this!”

The production of “Fellow Travelers” begins in Toronto later this month, although no release date has been announced. “Bridgerton” season three’s filming probably won’t interfere with “Bridgerton” season two’s filming.

Among his latest efforts are “Doom Patrol,” “The Boys in the Band,” and “The Sinner,” a crime-drama series. Bailey and Bomer’s chemistry in their next miniseries is expected to be out of this world.

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