After he and his wife Julie Chrisley were convicted earlier this month of tax evasion and bank fraud, Todd Chrisley is requesting that admirers stop delivering gifts on his doorstep.

We attempt to discuss, each week, as much as we’re allowed to address, concerning our recent federal convictions,” Julie Chrisley said to the audience on Friday’s broadcast of Chrisley Confessions.

“I want you all to be aware of the floral arrangements that are being left at our doors along with the messages, letters and presents that we are getting. It’s just too much to take in “he said

Before requesting supporters to hold off on giving physical gifts, Todd Chrisley, 53, made careful to say that the generosity of Chrisley Knows Best fans is “very much appreciated.”

Todd Chrisley Asks for Prayer After 'Overwhelming' Gifts Are Sent After His Federal Conviction

We don’t want you to send us flowers, Todd continued. “We don’t want you to spend money in that manner. We don’t need anything, so please don’t give us gifts or other stuff like that.”

Todd urged followers to pray to God and seek help at that place. “Praying for us is actually the nicest gift you can give. Considering the hurricane we are currently experiencing, our family is faring as well as can be expected.”

Todd noted that they’ll depend on their fortitude “As we advance, we must maintain our head high. We are essentially in that situation at the moment.”

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Todd said the family has received “tens of thousands of messages” on social media and other platforms.

Todd Chrisley Asks for Prayer After 'Overwhelming' Gifts Are Sent After His Federal Conviction

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a federal jury held Todd and Julie, both 49, responsible for conspiring to conduct bank fraud, defraud the government, and commit tax fraud.

Fraud by wire was another charge against Julie. Due to the charges, they might each receive a sentence of 30 years in jail.

Steve Friedberg, the Chrisleys’ attorney, informed PEOPLE of the couple’s current mental state and verified the Chrisleys’ intention to appeal the decision.

The ruling “devastates and disappoints both Chrisleys, and they will be pursuing an appeal,” he said.

“Infinitely appreciative of the love and encouragement received from their loved ones, friends, and supporters, Julie and Todd. They will both continue the “battle” until they are exonerated since they both have firm faith in God.

Todd Chrisley Asks for Prayer After 'Overwhelming' Gifts Are Sent After His Federal Conviction

They are focusing on the wellbeing of their kids and Todd’s mother, Elizabeth Faye Chrisley, at the moment because they have their priorities straight.”

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