Piers Morgan rejoices as he “becomes a father again” after adding two new members to his family. The 57-year-old host smiled as he cuddled two Burmese kittens he named after football icons.

“BREAKING NEWS: I’ve become a father again,” he said on Instagram.

“Meet Dennis (clearly named after Bergkamp) and __ (still working on ‘Thierry,’ but encountering opposition.) They’re a Burmese brother and sister, 10 weeks old, and just like their father, they’re gorgeous “He continued.

Although other individuals were distracted by his choice of footwear in the photo.

Piers had slipped his feet into a hefty pair of slippers that resembled trainers.

“Possibly the ugliest footwear I’ve ever seen… they are that horrible they are wonderful,” one person said about Piers’ shoes.

Piers said, “Haha… they’re slippers.”

Piers Morgan "becomes a father again," welcomes two new members to his family

Another musing: “Proud father of the ugliest shoes ever. I can’t even see the kitties.”

Piers subsequently added a cat update, saying, “After intensive negotiations, and a suggestion from @JLemariePires on Instagram, the female kitten has been named Bobby after the great Robert Piers.”

Spencer, Piers’ son, cracked a joke: “There goes more ancestors. Fuming.”

Abbey Clancy wrote, “Omg,” followed by a succession of loving emojis.

One follower joked, “You could name them Harry and Meghan,” referring to his obvious disdain for the marriage.

“Just when I thought I couldn’t adore Piers anymore, he goes and adopts not one, but two cats,” commented another.

Piers is known to have a large soft place for his dogs, a facet of his nature that he displayed in 2021 after his parents’ dog died.

“Kezzy, 14. My parents are excellent good-natured, perceptive, loyal, empathic, and affectionate dogs. “She will be deeply missed by all of us.”

With his first wife Marion Shalloe, Piers has three children: Spencer, 29, Stanley, 25, and Albert, 21.

He also has an 11-year-old daughter, Elise, with his wife Celia, the daughter of former Conservative MP George Walden.

The pair met while working on a picture shoot for the men’s magazine GQ.

When he first saw Celia, he stated she was “far out of his league” and likened her to Brigitte Bardot.

Piers’ new feline buddies joined the family when they returned from Antigua.

The former Good Morning Britain host dubbed the getaway a “great post-Christmas cleanse”.

Fans got an early peek at the views from the opulent Carlisle Bay resort, which costs roughly £818 per night.

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