On TikTok, Madonna appears to come out as gay.

Madonna, the queen of music, appeared to come out as homosexual in a lighthearted video uploaded to TikTok.

According to pagesix.com, the 64-year-old deliberately missed throwing a pair of bright pink panties into the trash can in an attempt to put her own spin on a recent viral trend.

On top of the footage, the writer stated, “If I miss, I’m Gay.”

“The vocalist of Material Girl, who was sporting a cream-colored corset over a white tee, matching leggings, and pink hair, appeared to embrace the result as she proudly raised her arm in the air while gazing into the camera.

Many admirers, however, are perplexed by the video, with some wondering whether Madonna was only piggybacking on the fad for fun or was sincere about coming out.

One fan remarked, “What in the 1980s is happening,” and another added, “Madonna, did she just debut? And I’m seeing it happen right now?”

“Madonna this is really slain energy being conveyed,” a third adoring fan said.

Although the singer of “Vogue,” who has previously hinted at her sexuality, has primarily dated men in the public eye, she is famous for her 2003 MTV Video Music Awards kisses with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

In 1996, she allegedly had a romantic relationship with model Jenny Shimizu.

“Everyone, in my opinion, has a bisexual nature. That is my premise. I might be mistaken, “She stated this in a 1991 Advocate profile.

Additionally, weeks have passed since Madonna was photographed engaging in close physical contact with rapper Tokischa in a string of images uploaded to Instagram. Many fans questioned whether more was going on behind the scenes when the two were promoting the song’s music video.

The 26-year-old Tokischa and the singer of “Like a Virgin” got intimate in June while sharing a stage at a concert in New York City.

On “The Ebro in the Morning” last month, the Dominican rapper claimed, “It was quick — we linked right away.

We were incredibly close since we were working on this together, practicing for the performance, and communicating often.”

“It’s so natural for both of us,” she said, “and we were in the mic recording, and all of a sudden we were kissing already.”

A source recently informed Page Six that Madonna was twerking and “booty dancing” with Tokischa at a New York Fashion Week after-party, suggesting that the rumored affair has intensified since then.

Sean Penn, an actor, and Madonna were previously wed from 1985 to 1989 and 2000 to 2008, respectively.

The singer has been associated with partners aged 28 and under since her two marriages, which she regrets.

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