It’s Cardi B’s Birthday Today!

Cardi B turns 30 today and is perhaps one of the most well-known female rappers and songwriters in America. She is one of those rappers that rose to popularity and notoriety at a young age. Since she started working in the field in 2015, Cardi B has smashed numerous records. Let’s see what she has prepared for her followers on her birthday…

As we all know that last week the Grammy award-winning rapper shared a tweet, where she disclosed that she is going to host a party in Los Angeles to celebrate it, where the theme will be ‘burlesque’.

She posted the quite fascinating hiring process on Instagram as a way to get ready. Spoiler alert: There were X Factor-style tryouts. You can see in the embedded post below that she was seen in a crazy look wearing a black dress with bouncy curly hair and some nail art.

Earlier today, Cardi B received a lot of wishes in her Dm’s as various celebrities and her fan army sent their warm wishes to the rapper. However, it is difficult for a famous personality to respond to all received wishes, as the 30-year-old rapper also shared her gratitude towards everyone on Twitter, where she wrote: “Thanks my loves”. We can’t deny the fact that Cardi loves her fan army a lot.

Last year, Cardi B celebrated her birthday in Los Angeles with a dancehall-themed Passa Passa party. She was dressed in a Laurel Dewitt custom chain bra, paired with pum pum shorts and sexy stockings. Offset was also the highlight of the party as he gifted her diamonds with slippers. The “Up” singer always does something interesting on her birthday. We will definitely update our readers with her latest birthday pictures.

At Last Happy Birthday Cardi B

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