By taking part in the TikTok trend, “If you identify as bisexual, do you own a green velvet couch?” Shay Mitchell has caused a stir among her followers.

The Pretty Little Liars star has spoken out about her attraction to women but has never identified with a particular sexual orientation.

She has instead talked about falling in love with anyone, regardless of gender.

But this is the reason Shay’s most recent TikTok video has received so much attention.

Shay Mitchell Participates in The Bisexual Tiktok Trend

Shay Mitchell

On October 5, Shay performed a duet with TikTok user @keepitspooky as part of a new fad that purports to define one’s sexual orientation.

If you identify as bisexual, do you have a green velvet couch in your home, the TikToker asks?

The actress responds by dramatically collapsing on her own green couch without confirming or rejecting her bisexuality.

Fans swamped the actress’s video with comments after quickly assuming that she had just come out as bisexual.

Is this a coming-out video, someone questioned? How could I have missed this? Love you shay, my childhood sweetheart.

One more said: “Yes! Damn, it’s about time. Greetings from the club.

Do these facts indicate that our queen is bisexual? I’m shouting.

What the Actress Has Said About Her Sexuality

Shay’s TikTok does not explicitly state whether she is bisexual, but the actress has acknowledged having a female-specific attraction.

When questioned about the last time she was attracted to a woman during a talk with her co-star Ian Harding last year, Shay replied:

“Wow. each day. I’ve never felt the need to rush out and get a lover or find something else because I thought I was falling in love.

In a 2017 interview, Shay discussed her Pretty Little Liars character Emily, who was a member of the LGBTQ+ community, saying:

“Listen, Emily doesn’t categorize herself, and neither do I. I fell in love with a person’s spirit. I’ll keep repeating the fact that “love is love”

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