Following his terrible snowplough accident earlier this year, Jeremy Renner has shared a touching message from his nephew.

The 52-year-old actor posted the letter from his nephew on Instagram, in which the young man gushed about how lucky he was to have an Avenger for an uncle.

Renner was killed when a snowploughing machine weighing six tonnes ran over his house on the US state line between Nevada and California.

According to the police report received by the PA news agency, he was trying to save a family member at the time of the shooting.

Renner shared a photo of the note his nephew Auggie wrote him on Wednesday.

“I am very lucky because my uncle is Hawkeye (one of the Avengers). I am also very lucky because my uncle is alive from his accident,” the note read.

“Love my little man. Bless you, Auggie,” the actor captioned the photo.

The actor has promised to do “whatever it takes” to heal fully and has been keeping his fans updated on his progress.

His new Disney+ show, Rennervations, in which he uses modified automobiles to aid underprivileged areas, premieres on April 12.


Jeremy Renner has shared a touching message from his nephew, expressing gratitude for his uncle’s survival following a terrible snowplough accident earlier this year. The Hawkeye actor posted the note on Instagram and thanked his nephew for the kind words. Renner continues to update his fans on his recovery, and his new show, Rennervations, premieres on April 12.

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