The connection between Love Island’s Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda has flourished since they left the resort.

After Maxwell entered Casa Amor, the two of them got together and were quickly voted the “least compatible couple.” They were eliminated from the show at the beginning of February.

Yet, after declaring their intention to take a romantic vacation together and beginning to get to know each other’s families, it appears that they are well on their way to proving their sceptics wrong.

Olivia, age 27, told The Sun at the premiere of John Wick 4: “Our group is organizing a trip away. The ideal location would be a romantic one. We had a layover in Amsterdam on the way back from the villa and decided to treat ourselves to a mini-vacation. We’ll be alone together, the two of us.”

23-year-old Maxwell added “Since leaving the villa, we have spent a lot of time together, and it’s been wonderful. Even visiting relatives in Brighton was worth the trip. Going on a short romantic getaway sounds like a wonderful idea.”

The Unexpected Love Story Of Olivia and Maxwell From Love Island

The couple also discussed how the villa’s dynamics have shifted since they were evicted, noting that there may be greater tension during the series finale’s reunion episode.

Well, I did bring the fireworks,” Olivia confirmed. People think the show is quieter without me there, which I find hilarious.

She had previously told the tabloid that she wasn’t a “villain,” and that the South African complex where the summer program is produced was full of unspoken, often emotional drama.

It wasn’t on TV, but she remarked, “There were numerous instances when I was in tears. The feelings were authentic.

Maybe it was just a case of competing egos; the situation was tight, and disagreements were unavoidable given that we spent all day, every day, in close quarters.

But, this was not an instance of toxic femininity. I’m not a bad guy, folks will recognize that when they meet me.


Love Island’s former contestants Olivia and Maxwell are said to be flourishing in their relationship outside of the villa, with plans for a romantic vacation together. Despite being voted the “least compatible couple” on the show, the pair have spent a lot of time together and are getting to know each other’s families.

Olivia also addressed her role on the show, denying being a “villain” and highlighting the emotional drama that occurred off-camera.

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