For more than 20 years, Lil’ Kim has been a mainstay of the hip-hop community.

The “Crush On You” artist, now 46, has undergone significant changes to her appearance over the years, leading admirers to extensively scrutinize Lil’ Kim before and after pictures to ascertain whether or not she has had surgery.

Do you wish to learn the truth about the Lil’ Kim surgery rumors? Here, we examine Lil’ Kim’s constantly changing visage and analyze old and new pictures of the singer to determine whether or not plastic surgery has been performed.

Lil’ Kim’s First Rose To Fame In The ‘90s

Lil’ Kim, who goes by the moniker due to her diminutive height of 4 feet 11 inches, was born Kimberly Denise Jones on July 11, 1974, and was raised in Brooklyn, New York.

She first met fellow Brooklynite Christopher Wallace (also known as The Notorious B.I.G.) when she was a teen, and he went on to play a significant role in both her personal and professional lives.

He turned into my best friend, my boyfriend, and my entire world, Kim said to Entertainment Weekly in 2016. I was his biggest supporter.

lil kim before and after

Lil’ Kim joined Biggie’s Junior M.A.F.I.A. gang as the only female rapper in 1995, which paved the way for the start of her solo career a year later. Hard Core, her debut solo album, peaked at number 11 on the Billboard 200 and was at the time the highest-charting female rap album.

Along with her provocative sense of fashion, Lil’ Kim rose to fame for her infamous purple pastie ensemble worn to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. As it turns out, Missy Elliot’s remark about Lil’ Kim’s “women” served as the inspiration for that ensemble.

Lil’ Kim stated to People earlier this year, “My nipples used to pop out that much on their own.” “They made a statement in a movie seem intentional, but it wasn’t,” they stated. Girls used to tease me, and Missy would remark, “Girl, your nipples jump out so much.” You must simply emerge from the house one day with one breast exposed. That’s exactly what Lil’ Kim chose to do!

Lil Kim is encircled by Mary J. Blige, who is dressed in a green outfit and is sporting a purple jumpsuit.

lil kim before and after

The former Dancing With the Stars participant is also well-known for her lengthy relationship with Biggie Smalls and the romantic triangle it sparked with his then-wife Faith Evans. Lil’ Kim was crushed by the tragic murder of Biggie in 1997 and found it incredibly difficult to move on.

In 2000, she said to Newsweek, “You’d think it would get easier with time, but it doesn’t.” Even though I know I need to meet someone else soon, I still think about him constantly. I can’t stay isolated forever.

Lil’ Kim’s Before and After Photos Show a Radically Different Aesthetic
Looking at photos of Lil’ Kim over the years can be a little unsettling because everything seems to change over time, including her skin tone and face shape.

She first appears to undergo a significant shift in 2003 or 2004, when her nose appears to have shrunk. This would be consistent with the nose job the rapper has acknowledged receiving to repair a broken nose brought on by a violent partner.

Her skin tone appeared to alter in a Michael Jackson-like manner in 2010, becoming noticeably lighter. Her cheeks and eyes appear to have undergone some cosmetic surgery by 2013.

And by 2015, the transformation was definitely major: lighter skin, higher cheekbones, and a chin that was extremely well-chiseled. Lil Kim is pictured side by side; on the left, she is donning a green jacket and a brown sweater. She’s got a pink blazer on to the right.

Lil’ Kim: Has She Ever Had Plastic Surgery?

As previously noted, Lil’ Kim admitted to having a nose operation in a radio interview with Angie Martinez in 2005. The “No Time” rapper admitted that she received criticism from many of her followers who noticed the shift, but she claimed that she didn’t let it bother her.

She said, “I told you I’m attractive, therefore it doesn’t bother me. “People assume that I committed the act because I had low self-esteem, but that was not the case. I believe I did it because, at the time, I had a bit too much vanity. aiming towards perfection.

lil kim before and after

Lil’ Kim has continually denied getting any other procedures done, though, except that one. Lil’ Kim even released a statement through her agent, C.J. Carter, in 2013, in response to several online surgery rumors:

“We would like to let fans, the media, and the general public know that this is nothing more than the blog site trying its best to generate some much-needed publicity and what better way to do so than to take a famous American musician and create a fictitious platform in which to degrade and humiliate them.

Team Lil Kim takes this very seriously and is not going to take it lying down. Lil Kim’s side-by-side photos: She’s got a fur coat on to the left. She’s got a gold blazer on to the right.

We acknowledge that despite our unwavering love and respect for the Notorious K.I.M., we have our doubts about her denials. The artist has frequently acknowledged feeling uneasy about her appearance in addition to the picture proof.

For instance, she said in an interview with Newsweek that “all my life men have told me I wasn’t pretty enough-even the men I was seeing. So I’d be like, “Well, then, why are you with me?”

Men have consistently made fun of me, just like my father did. I still don’t understand when people tell me I’m cute. Regardless of what anyone says, I don’t see it.

Expert Plastic Surgeons Have Their Own Views Regarding the Rumors:

We’re not the only ones who are convinced Lil’ Kim has completed some work. Dr. Jennifer Levine, a board-certified plastic surgeon, offered her opinion on Lil’ Kim’s paler complexion in an interview with Us Weekly in 2016.

There has definitely been some skin bleaching, she claimed. She most likely utilized lotions with high levels of acids in addition to chemicals on her face to lighten her skin.

Levine also mentioned how the rapper’s eyes are obviously improved. They appear stretched and very different, she said. Kim would have needed surgery to remove the tissue, fat, and skin in order to produce this new eye form.

Whether Lil’ Kim has genuinely had surgery or not, there’s no disputing that the “Lady Marmalade” rapper enjoys switching up her appearance. In 2000, she claimed that “the image is my entire thing.”

I frequently wear wigs, so one day you might see me sporting a purple or green one. I often wear different colored eyes, therefore you might see me wearing them. That’s what I do, so you might be able to catch me with my own eyes and hair.

I’m a person who occasionally gets tired of my appearance, she continued. While I adore what God has given me, there are occasions when I wish I could enhance it.

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