After the Jane Austen adaptation received approval for a second season, the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated return to the seaside town of Sanditon took place this spring.

The majority of the original cast returned for the most recent series, with the exception of Theo James, who played Sidney Parker in the first installment.

Instead of replacing him with a single love interest, the show added two more for Charlotte Heywood as well as a second love triangle plot for her sister, Alison. Fans, however, were left with another devastating cliffhanger that revealed Charlotte’s love life to be in ruins, just like in the first season.

However, with the arrival of season 3, let’s hope that our protagonist Charlotte receives everything she deserves. Everything you need to know about the upcoming Sanditon installment, including the anticipated release date, trailer, cast, and more, is provided below.

What Happened in Sanditon season 2?

Nine months have passed since the season 1 finale of Sanditon, and the town is becoming more well-known.

Charlotte (Kate Ashfield) and her sister Alison (Rosie Graham) travel back to the lovely coastal town at Mary Parker’s request.

Soon, Colonel Lennox (Tom Weston-Jones) and the recluse Alexander Colbourne become interested in Charlotte, bringing in not one, but two new males (Ben Lloyd-Hughes).

Crystal Clarke’s character, Georgiana Lambe, falls in love with eccentric artist Charles Lockhart (Alexander Vlahos) during the summer before she turns 21. Later, she finds out that he is a relative of her father, whose goal was to have her inheritance turned over to the Antiguan courts.

Following his legal defeat, Lockhart decided to try forging a marriage with Georgiana in order to claim Georgiana’s inheritance in a different way.

Charlotte accepts a position as the Colbourne family’s niece and daughter’s governess. She starts to have a different perspective on her boss as she spends time with her two subordinates, Leonora Colbourne (Flora Mitchell) and Augusta Markham (Eloise Webb). Colbourne also starts to open up to her. Due to the passing of Colbourne’s wife, he and Lennox have been at odds for years.

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After having a miscarriage, Esther Denham Babington (Charlotte Spencer) leaves her husband, Lord Babington, behind and travels to Sanditon (Mark Stanley, who was unavailable for season 2).

Esther grows more depressed when a pregnant Clara appears at the Denhams’ door when she is searching for a miracle tincture to cure whatever ails her.

When Edward discovers that the kid is his, he devises a scheme to make Esther appear insane while he presents himself to his aunt, Lady Denham, as brave and a gentleman.

As they move in to take up residence in Sanditon, the Army may present the locals with new opportunities for love, friendship, and struggle.

Alison develops feelings for Captain William Carter (Maxim Ays), who courts her with embellished tales of bravery.

Alison develops a fresh perspective on Captain Declan Fraser (Frank Blake), the genuinely valiant captain when she finds out about the fraud. At the end of season 2, the couple gets married.

When Charlotte presents Ralph Starling (Cai Brigden), a local farmer in her village of Willingdon, to the Parkers and Georgiana during the wedding festivities, they are both taken aback.

When will it be available?

Sanditon Season 3

Season 3 is definitely happening, as evidenced by the fact that it was commissioned back in May 2021, however, we are unable to provide a specific timeframe at this time. On the other hand, you can anticipate seeing it on BritBox UK in early 2023.

And we’re sorry to be the ones to break it to all of you die-hard Sanditon fans, but season 3 will be the last.

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Who will play the lead in season 3?

Even though the season 3 cast’s complete cast has not yet been revealed, we anticipate seeing most of season 2’s leading characters again. These comprise:

Sanditon Season 3
  • As Charlotte Heywood, Rose Williams
  • As Georgiana Lambe, Crystal Clarke
  • as Lady Denham, Anne Reid
  • Tom Parker in Kris Marshall
  • As Mary Parker, Kate Ashfield
  • Sir Edward Denham as played by Jack Fox
  • Playing Clara Brereton is Lily Sacofsky.
  • As Alison Heywood, Rosie Graham
  • As Alexander Colbourne, Ben Lloyd-Hughes
  • As Charles Lockhart, Alexander Vlahos
  • Captain Declan Fraser, played by Frank Blake
  • As Captain William Carter, Maxim Ays

We can confirm that Tom Weston-Jones will not reprise his role as Colonel Francis Lennox, and Charlotte Spencer will not reprise his role as Esther Babbington.

Justin Young, the show’s creator, said in a recent interview with Decider: “Where we leave Esther at the end of season 2, I believe she has everything she ever wanted.

I believe it is the conclusion of Esther’s narrative as far as I’m concerned because she is content, married, and has a child that she adores.”

And he disclosed the following regarding Lennox: “We probably won’t see Lennox again in season 3—I don’t believe that’s too much of a spoiler. He’s sort of vanished.” That’s it then, I suppose.

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What occurs in Sanditon season 3?

Rose William teased, in an interview with Masterpiece, “In order to overcome their individual problems, the characters we follow must truly delve deep inside of themselves.

Sanditon Season 3

I hope they reconcile at the conclusion and perhaps even live happily ever after like we always wanted them to—an Austen ending like it’s wrapped up in a bow.”

Ben Lloyd-Hughes spoke to Masterpiece about Sanditon’s third season, saying, “I believe season 3 will deliver even more thrills, love, joy, and both happy and sad tears. One thing is for certain, in my opinion: the story is not over yet. We are certain of it, and it is true “quoting.”

We don’t know whether season 3 will take place immediately after the events of season 2 or if it will be years later because no official plotlines have been revealed. We anticipate Charlotte will visit Sanditon once more.

It remains to be seen whether she returns with a husband and under what conditions. Will she be able to get back together with Alexander Colbourne if she leaves the country unmarried, or will another suitor be waiting for her? Will the upcoming season bring Augusta a suitor?

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