Rodrigo (Jessica) Alves is a British actor of Brazilian ancestry. As of 2020, she has officially transitioned from male to female after more than 100 procedures.

Biography of Rodrigo Alves: life before and after plastic surgery

On July 30, 1983, Rodrigo Alves was born. When he gained worldwide fame, he was mistakenly referred to as an American ken, but he is actually Brazilian with British ancestry. Rodrigo was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to an English father and a Brazilian mother. He moved to London when he was just 19 years old.

Rodrigo’s wide nose was the source of much of his earlier bullying as a teen, which led to the transformation. After making his first decision to have his face altered at the age of 21, a young man had no idea how much his life would change as a result of the procedure. The number of people undergoing surgical and cosmetic procedures has steadily risen over time. It’s Rodrigo Alves’ obsession with Barbie dolls and Disney-style characters that’s at fault here.

Jessica Alves Before And After

The number of full-fledged plastic surgeries Rodrigo, aka “Ken,” had undergone by 2018 was 50 out of 70. Implants were inserted in every part of his face, including his nose, cheekbones, eyes, and chin.

In addition, the young man suffered from blood poisoning and necrosis while pursuing the ideal image of a “living ken,” but he recovered and reclaimed his body. Even his hair did not escape the Brazilian’s attention; he altered the growth line and greatly increased the volume of each strand.

Wikipedia claims that Rodrigo Alves became a household name in 2018 when he was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom. Then he went public with his biography, revealing how old “Ken” was and who he worked for prior to his dramatic transformation into the man we see today.

Many people wanted to know how a simple Brazilian man got his hands on so much cash. As a flight attendant, he had his first surgeries. His financial situation improved over time as a result of his rising fame and appearances on a variety of television programs. Even after Rodrigo Alves appeared on Russian television, local media proclaimed his body “disfigured.”

Man Rodrigo Alves became Jessica: photo

Over time, the media frenzy surrounding Rodrigo’s cartoonish portrayal as the “living ken” waned, as photos of the real-life Rodrigo began to circulate online. The public’s interest waned. Despite this, in 2020, the star’s Instagram revealed a new role for the hero, Jessica, who is a woman. Many men have come to the realization that they have always had a feminine side to them once they share their new philosophy with their followers. His mother’s clothes and shoes drew him in even when he was a child.

Jessica Alves Before And After

The final steps in Rodrigo Alves’ transformation into a barbie included a mammoplasty, additional surgeries on his face, and hair extensions. In her first Instagram post, the newly minted girl shows off her new bikini body. The man had already removed his ribs in order to get the waist measurements he desired. In his own words and the countless bikini photos, Jessica Alves is a very seductive woman now that he’s had a sex change.

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Jessica Alves: personal life

While still a “living ken,” a transgender woman has always drawn attention to her personal life. A sizable portion of the general public has faith in the hero’s openness about his or her sexual preferences. Rodrigo, on the other hand, was notoriously secretive when it came to his love life. He’s posted photos of himself with both men and women on Instagram, and they’re all plastic lovers.

Jessica Alves Before And After

A few months after the sex change and definition of gender, Jessica Alves announced her intention to become pregnant. It’s clear that “Live Barbie” truly believes that becoming a mother is her vocation and the only worthwhile goal in life. Although the intention may be noble, many netizens and members of various minority groups were outraged by this statement. Jessica’s mental health has been the subject of much discussion on Twitter.

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Jessica Alves now

Jessica Alves Before And After

Alves’ popularity in the West will not wane by the fall of 2020, as he participates in reality shows, stars in commercials and documentaries, and participates in photo shoots. Photos of the transgender person in swimsuits, evening gowns, and other fashionable women’s attire are regularly posted to their Instagram accounts. Jessica shows off her stylish home in the stories, and you can even see her without the aid of Photoshop or an instamask. To the delight of the haters, this show does indeed quickly disperse throughout the “yellow” public.

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