Your life will be more convenient and you will become wiser if your Samsung Smart TV is linked to a Wi-Fi or wired network and has functions like search, streaming services, and weather updates. But are you experiencing issues with the TV network that prevent you from utilizing these features? In this article, we bring you the top ways to fix the ‘Samsung Smart TV not connecting to WiFi network’ issue. 

Restart your Samsung Smart TV

Your TV’s background hiccups can be resolved and the network refreshed with a fast restart. By pulling the TV out of the power outlet or hitting the power button on the TV remote, you can restart your Samsung smart TV. Make sure you switch off your TV for a few minutes before turning it back on. Check to see whether it can connect to the WiFi network after turning it back on. Try the solutions in this list if it still won’t identify or connect to your WiFi.

Restart your Modem and WiFi router

samsung tv not connecting to wifi

Should you try restarting your Smart TV without success, there’s a chance that there’s a problem with your WiFi network or Internet connection. Just switch the WiFi router and modem on after a few minutes of being off. This will cause the WiFi network to reload. Examine the network on your TV to see if it can properly pair.

Make sure the WiFi router is close to the TV

Should your Samsung Smart TV be unable to detect your WiFi network at all, it can be situated excessively far from the router. As a result, the TV would no longer be within the network. Try moving the router closer to the TV and rescanning the network, as you most likely don’t want to move your TV. There should be 15.2 meters separating the TV and the router. Consider purchasing a WiFi range extender to increase network coverage if you also don’t want to move the router.

Forget the WiFi network and add it again

Step 1:Navigate to the settings on your Samsung Smart TV. While some TV remotes include a distinct Settings button, others let you access it from the home screen.

Step 2: From the side menu, choose “General” options, then “Network.”

Step 3: Choose “Open Network Settings.”

Step 4: Select “Wireless”.

Step 5: Click “Manage Saved Networks” after swiping down.

Step 6: Click “Delete” after choosing your WiFi network.

Step 7: Return to the Wireless window and re-add your wireless network.

Update the WiFi password on your Smart TV

samsung tv not connecting to wifi

In the event that you have modified your WiFi password, your Smart TV will require the new password to be entered in order to establish a connection. The procedures outlined in the preceding manner can be used to accomplish this. Your TV won’t be able to connect to the WiFi network if the password isn’t updated.

Try Self-Diagnosis

You can use a variety of troubleshooting tools on your Samsung Smart TV to determine why a specific function isn’t functioning as intended. To find out why the Smart TV is unable to connect to the WiFi network, perform a self-diagnosis check on it. Run the Smart Hub Connection Test by going to Settings>Support>Self Diagnosis.

Take a look at the IP settings

Verify the IP and DNS settings if your Smart TV is still not able to connect to the Internet. Make sure the DNS and IP settings are accurate by going to Settings>Network>Network Settings>IP Settings. If you see that the settings are incorrect, select “Get Automatically.” After updating the IP and DNS settings, turn on your TV again and see whether it can now connect to the Internet.

Update System Software

Your Smart TV gets OTA updates on a regular basis, just like any other smart device. More recent upgrades eliminate any software-related problems that might be impeding the device’s ability to perform particular duties. Go to Settings>Support>Software update on your Samsung Smart TV, then click “Update Now.”

Reset Network Settings

samsung tv not connecting to wifi

Your TV can be unpaired from any wireless network by doing a network setting reset. Following the reset, any Bluetooth or WiFi-paired devices with your TV will be unpaired. A “Network Settings Reset” essentially resets all network-related settings back to their original factory defaults. Choose “Reset Network” under Settings>General>Network.

Perform a Factory Reset

Try a factory reset as a last resort if, despite your efforts, your Smart TV is still unable to connect to your WiFi network. A factory reset will return the TV to its original configuration and remove all installed apps and user accounts. Enter the pin to validate the reset by going to Settings>General>Reset.


The “Samsung Smart TV not connecting to WiFi network” problem can be resolved in ten different ways. You might need to have a qualified professional fix your TV if the problem continues even after trying all of the aforementioned options. To ensure that there isn’t a problem with the router or modem, try connecting other devices to the WiFi first.

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