The iPhone’s cameras are excellent. Still, the iPhone is well known for being a very good video recorder. It has always had the most dependable cameras. People who record videos with their iPhones are aware of this. But have there ever been instances where you wanted to share a fantastic video on social media or with your friends, but you were unable to do so because the music detracted from the picture?

In these situations, you can remove the iPhone’s audio. Installing any third-party apps is also not necessary. Interested? Follow along to learn how to take the audio out of iPhone videos.

Remove Sound from iPhone Video

  • Start by launching the Photos app on your iPad or iPhone. Find the video in Photos that you want to turn off by tapping on its thumbnail.
  • To open the video, tap on it.
  • When the video is open, select “Edit” from the menu in the top-right corner. Take note of the blue speaker symbol located at the window’s bottom.
  • Click or tap the edit button.
  • When audio is enabled, the edit screen’s upper-left corner will display a speaker icon. This is not just a mute button, as other speaker symbols in iOS and iPadOS are; it also regulates whether or not audio is connected to a video file. When the video’s audio is turned off, the speaker icon turns into a speaker icon with a diagonal strikethrough.
  • After selecting “Done” to save your edits to the movie, hit the speaker icon to turn off the audio.
  • Press the speaker icon to turn off the sound.
  • When you examine a video in Photos, you will notice a grayed-out speaker icon on the toolbar once the audio is turned off for that specific movie. It follows that there is no audio in the video.
  • When a video has a grey icon, there is no audio associated with it.
remove sound from iphone video
  • It may indicate that your phone is just silent if the icon in this location resembles a crossed-out speaker. Make sure the speaker icon is completely grayed out before sharing, and turn the sound back on.
  • The video can now be shared any way you choose, and when it plays, no sound will be audible to anyone.

How to  Restore  the Sound After You Removed It

You may undo your edits by saving the original films and photographs you make using the photographs app on your iPhone.

Once you have shared the video, you can analyze the one you want to fix by opening “Photos” and doing a reverse audio edit. Select “Edit” from the menu in the bottom left corner, then select “Revert.” We’ll get the audio back for that specific video.

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