On mobile devices, facial blurring in photos is simple. However, things are more difficult when it comes to videos. Of course, if you want to pixelate a movie on a mobile device, you can utilize sophisticated software on a PC.

Thankfully, it is achievable, however, to blur moving things like a face or license plate, one needs a motion-tracking feature or keyframes. Apps specifically designed for blurring videos can be used, or any keyframe-compatible video editor can be used. Let’s examine how to blur faces in motion on an iPhone and Android video.

Using MovStash (iPhone)

  • Download the iPhone software MovStash.
  • Launch the app and permit it to access your images and videos.
  • The editing features of the program will meet you, including the ability to blur the entire video, blur with time-line, blur with simple blur mode, and face tracking mode. I found that the face-tracking mode is effective. If you choose to use the automated mode for face detection and blurring, simply tap on it. This strategy will cause all of the faces in your movie to appear blurry.
  • To select the selected video to edit, tap the Videocamera icon to view the Camera Roll.
how to blur face in video
  • The faces will be automatically blurred by the app. The blur’s size may be changed by tapping on the four-arrow symbol, and its style can be altered by using the final two icons. After finishing, hit Save.
  • Use the Editing tools’ Blur with time-line or Simple blur modes to manually blur the faces.

Using Blur Video App (Android)

  • Install the Blur Video application on your Android device.
  • Click on Choose video when the app opens. Select the video you want to edit.
  • Press the bottom Blur (+) button with a tap. Three options will appear: manually track, track objects, and track faces. In this article, I’ll use the manual track method. Any object or text in your movie can be blurred using this.
  • The video preview will show a rectangle. Position it over the face you wish to blur, then use the corners to resize it.
how to blur face in video
  • Press and hold the record button while dragging the rectangle over the face you like to haze in the footage.
  • Tap Stop Recording to end the recording if you wish to, or wait for the video to automatically end when the recording stops.
  • Select the blur intensity from the pop-up that appears by tapping the Export button.
  • Click Save to start downloading the video to your collection.

Using Vita App (Android and iOS)

  • The Vita software blurs a moving object by utilizing the idea of a keyframe, as will be discussed below.
  • Install the Vita app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Open the app, then select New Project by tapping on it. The video in which you wish to blur a face or an item should be selected.
  • Give the Mosaic tab in the lower panel a tap. Press More and then Mosaic if you don’t see it.
  • The Pixel and Blur tabs are what you’ll see. Select the style by tapping on the desired kind. Using the slider, you may change the blur or pixel intensity. Press the checkmark symbol.
  • Below the video timeline, a green bar will show up. This is an illustration of the blur timeline. You can adjust the size of the blur by dragging its boundaries to cover the desired amount of the video.
  • Navigate to the beginning of the video or the point at which you want the blur to begin. Make sure the video begins with a straight line for that. By dragging it, you can easily move the blur to the desired face. Using the icons that are displayed on the blur effect, you can adjust its size.
how to blur face in video
  • Give the bottom bar’s Keyframe button a tap. It’ll get a yellow tint and a negative (-) symbol above it. Watch the video, and each time an object moves, move the blur. The blur timeline will have a yellow diamond added to it. In a similar vein, adjust the blur anytime the item moves to maintain its blurry appearance throughout the video. The blur timeline will show you multiple diamonds, each of which signifies a different movement.
  • Return to the editing screen’s main screen once you’re finished. Click Export to start downloading the video.
  • With this program, you may apply a sticker or emoji to blur faces in a video using the same keyframe principle. Blur videos also may be accomplished with any other video-editing program that supports Keyframes, such InShot.

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