It’s okay to confess that there are moments when we want to merge several images into one. The images might need to be placed next to each other for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to show off your transformation photo to your pals, or maybe you just want to use one to make a straightforward collage.

While shooting images on an Android device is simple, editing them can be difficult. For Android users, there are a plethora of photo editing applications that make the process simple, but most are difficult to use.

Making a comparison photo doesn’t require the use of any sophisticated photo editing software. Putting two photographs side by side is quick and simple with a lot of lightweight, user-friendly apps available on the Google Play Store.

Two Photos on an Android Device Side by Side

You’ve come to the right website if you’re also trying to figure out how to merge two photos or want to display two images side by side on an Android device. An in-depth tutorial on adding two images side by side to an Android device will be provided in this post. Check out with me.

1) Using Google Photos

how to make side by side photos

Combined Photos on Android can be done with the built-in Google Photos app. On Android, you may arrange two images side by side without installing any more apps. Check out this tutorial on combining photographs with Google Photographs.

  • On your Android smartphone, launch the Google Photos app first.
  • You may now choose which pictures to merge.
  • Tap the (+) icon as indicated below after it has been selected.
  • Click on the ‘Collage’ option from the pop-up.
  • ‘Collage’ is the option to select.
  • Side-by-side merging of the images will occur. The image can now be edited, and text can be added to it using the markup tool.
  • Click the Done button at the bottom of the screen when you’re finished editing.
  • I’m done! To arrange two photos side by side on an Android device, utilize Google Photos. Now you’re done.

2) Photo Editor and Collage Maker – Collage Maker

how to make side by side photos

That’s right, the Google Play Store offers the well-known Android collage creation app Collage Creation. It may be used on an Android device to arrange two images side by side. This is the usage guide for the Android app Collage Maker.

  • Install Collage Maker from the Google Play Store.
  • Use the ‘Grid’ button to access the app after it has been installed.
  • Pick out the images you want to display side by side.
  • Hit the Next button after you’re finished.
  • Side-by-side merging of the photos is planned. Text, borders, and other components can now be added to the pictures.
  • Click the “Save” button once you’re finished modifying.

I’m done! You can align two images side by side on an Android device by following this method. Now you’re done.

3) Using the Image Combiner

how to make side by side photos

With Image Combiner, combining two images on an Android device is a simple and straightforward process. It allows you to take a picture of two objects side by side. This tutorial shows you how to use the Image Combiner software to create a side-by-side shot.

Use your Android smartphone to first download and install the Image Combiner app.

Press the Combine button when the app is open after installation.

You may now choose the images you wish to upload by tapping the Upload Picture button.

Click “Combine Images” once you’ve chosen your photos.

Click on “Horizontal” under orientation; pick “Resize” under Adjustment type.

Following completion, select Save and type the name of the image.

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