Unlocking your Snapchat account is possible if it has been locked or if you are experiencing problems signing in. If it has been locked permanently, though, you won’t be able to unlock it again.

It is only possible to unlock a temporarily locked account on your device; permanently locked accounts are not unlockable. There could be questionable activity on the app. The use of unaffiliated software or other community infractions that resulted in the locking of your account.

You can follow these instructions to unlock a locked Snapchat account. You will also discover the rationale for the account lockdown on Snapchat. Alright, let’s read on!

How much time will my Snapchat be locked temporarily?

Your account was locked by Snapchat for an unknown cause, so you could be surprised and unsure of how long it will stay locked. The reason why the Snapchat staff locked your account actually dictates how long they keep it locked.

It can take several hours to several days to unlock a Snapchat account, as most lockouts are the result of little issues.

Snapchat may, however, permanently lock your account in certain serious circumstances. The Snapchat team will in this case permanently deactivate your account. And there will be a permanent lock on your account.

Method for Unlocking a Snapchat Account

1: Remove All 3rd-Party Snapchat App or Plugins

If you’ve been using third-party apps or plugins connected to Snapchat and have been notified that your account is temporarily locked, you should uninstall them before attempting to unlock the account.

If you have any third-party plugins or applications installed that might have led Snapchat to block your account, delete them before logging in to your account.

2: Remove and Reinstall the Snapchat Application

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Reinstall the Snapchat app after removing it if you attempt to log in and receive the Locked Account notice. However, reinstalling the application won’t do much good if the platform terminated your account because you violated one of its policies.

3: Click or tap the Unlock Button

In the event that your Snapchat account has been indefinitely blocked. There will be a notification letting you know why and a yellow unlock button.

Getting rid of any third-party apps that conflict with Snapchat is a good idea before clicking the Unlock button.

Following your click on the Unlock button, Snapchat will email you a new password along with a notification indicating that your account has been unlocked. This could take a few hours or perhaps a few days.

4: Force Restart Your Device

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A issue may be the reason this warning appears on your screen. Under what circumstances should you forcefully reset the gadget you’re using? By using this method, a bug won’t be considered the cause of the issue.

However, it is unlikely to actually resolve the issue. There is a specific button sequence that you must always press in order to perform a hard reset on an iOS or Android smartphone. The exact combination exhibits model-to-model variability.

5: Contact Snapchat’s Customer Service

Contacting customer care is definitely the best course of action if you’re curious as to why Snapchat suspended your account. Speak with a customer support agent if you’d like to know why your account was temporarily disabled and when it would be restored.

Additionally, in the event that you’ve been informed that your Snapchat account has been locked permanently. Contacting customer care to see if they can assist you with unlocking it is your best option.

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