All of us enjoy a good puzzle, but this one about the “structure with the most stories” is giving some of us pause.

The current global shutdown has forced us to spend a lot more time indoors than usual.

Many of us are, therefore, scrambling to come up with novel methods to amuse ourselves in order to combat the monotony of being cooped up inside all day.

While streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have been a boon for some, those looking for a more interactive pastime have found riddles and puzzles, which have been trending on social media in recent weeks, to be a welcome diversion.

Some people are finding it difficult to solve the “What building has the most stories?” puzzle that has become popular on social media.

What Building Has the Most Stories?

What Building Has the Most Stories

This conundrum can be solved by imagining a Library.


For the simple reason that this query is seeking the location where the greatest quantity of children’s books may be found.

Rather than wondering aloud or checking online, it’s best to just keep a level head and you’ll quickly discover how many stories a structure has.

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, shown above, has 163 stories and stands 828 meters tall; it is the world’s tallest structure.

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What Is the History of The Riddle?

Today, many different types of puzzles can be summed up by the diminutive but all-encompassing term “riddle.” Riddles can take the form of statements or questions that demand an explicit response or of puzzles whose underlying meaning must be unraveled.

There are two types of riddles: the enigma, which uses metaphor, and the conundrum, which poses a very difficult challenge and often incorporates a pun into the question or answer.

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