Twitch users can now pay £90 to have their chat messages highlighted.

For the next four weeks, a new form of communication called “elevated messaging” will be tested.

As of this writing, Twitch is testing a new feature that will allow users to pay up to $90 (£60) to have their chat message highlighted.

“elevated messaging” is a feature that is currently available for only a “randomly selected, proportionally small group of creators” for the next four weeks. Subscribers can pay anywhere from $5 (£4.50) to $100 to have their message displayed at the stream’s top or bottom for up to 150 seconds.

Twitch Users Can Now Pay £90 to Have Their Chat Messages Highlighted

When fees and taxes are factored in, the revenue split favours the streamer by a margin of 70% to 30%.

“Multiple people can send an elevated chat message,” Twitch claims. If you send several emotes at once, they will be placed in a queue that the streamers and moderators will oversee.

If you want your elevated chat to be treated the same way as any other message in the channel, you’ll have to follow the same rules. That means they must be full. Elevated chat can be removed at any time by the streamer or moderators if they feel it violates the rules of the channel. It is final and non-refundable,” the post continued.

Some viewers are concerned that the function, which is very similar to YouTube’s Super Chat, will be abused or used for “self-advertising.”

Twitch announced last month that streamers who were offered “premium deals” with a revenue split greater than 50/50 would see those deals revoked, with the company citing the high cost of hosting as the reason.

In addition, the streaming service announced earlier this year that it would be developing a “shared ban” feature that would enable streamers to exchange ban lists with one another.

“Creators are really looking for not just a welcoming and warm space, but a safe one,” Twitch’s director of community marketing Mary Kish told NME recently.

Other than that, after Google announced it would be ending its cloud gaming service Stadia, a number of studios have begun making preparations to archive player data.

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