Many of the app’s prominent functions now display in a different location in 2022, suggesting that Instagram is relocating the app around.

The software is definitely being made to appear better and be simpler to use, but it’s instead creating a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.

This month, several people became concerned that the archive area had vanished; nevertheless, it has only moved.

The Liked Posts section is the same. Here is how to locate it in 2022…

Posts You Liked Have Moved

The Instagram Liked Posts area may not even be known to some users, but for others, it is an essential feature.

Viewing all of the posts you’ve ever liked on the app is possible with this function, which is actually very useful.

The Loved Posts function is incredibly helpful if you like a photo on Instagram and want to find it later.

Or, if you were stalking someone’s account, you could check to make sure you didn’t unintentionally like their 2013 photo.

Users recently discovered that the option is no longer available, which was previously accessible by going to Settings>Account>Posts You’ve Liked.

If you frequently check the number of Liked Posts, don’t worry; it hasn’t vanished. Simply put, it was moved to a new location within the program.

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Where to Find Your Liked Post

How to See Your Liked Posts on Instagram After New Update?
  • Open Instagram, then tap on the bottom-left profile image.
  • The three lines in the upper right corner should be touched.
  • Hit “settings.”
  • Type “manage likes” into the top search bar, then select the top result.
  • Voila! You may view all the posts you have liked here.

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Archive Too Has Moved

Like Posts, Archive isn’t the only function that has changed locations.

All of your previously posted stuff is preserved in an archive.

You may archive posts that you no longer want to appear in your newsfeed, and the app also saves all of your Instagram Stories in a convenient location that can be accessed at any time.

The button is still there in 2022, it’s just a little bit harder to discover, and it still works to access your Stories and older posts.

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