In recent weeks, a new fad called “Add Yours” has been spreading over Instagram.

Before inviting people to submit theirs, you must upload a picture to your Instagram Story that corresponds with a particular description.

October Dump is the most recent trending caption to go viral, but where can you purchase the sticker?

Here’s how to join in on the viral craze:

How Did the “October Dump” Trend Begin?

How To Complete Viral Trend ‘October Dump’ Photo On Instagram?

People who participate in Instagram’s popular “October Dump” trend upload a collection of pictures they took throughout the month of October to their Instagram Story.

It can be Halloween pictures, cozy nights in, outings with pals to the store, or a stroll through the fall foliage. You can post anything you did in October with everyone in this trend.

Once you’ve decided on your images, you upload them to your Story using an Instagram sticker that has been shared and has the words “Your October Dump” on it to indicate that you are participating in this particular trend.

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Finding the Sticker

Enter “JypsyFix” in the search field on Instagram, then select his profile.

the first Story highlight bubble that says “Instagram Stories” should then be clicked.

Tap “Add Yours” on the sticker when you find the one that reads “Your October Dump.”

This time, the sticker will be added to your tale. The October image you want to upload with the sticker should be chosen.

Your Instagram Story should contain it.

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Make Your Own Stickers if You Want To

It’s quite simple to launch your own shared sticker craze.

Simply starting a new Instagram Story is all that is required. Then, locate the sticker that reads “Add Yours,” which ought to be near the top, in the section of stickers.

After that, the sticker will ask you to provide a caption. The questions “who are you in love with” and “your favorite sunset” have so far been among the most well-liked ones.

But there are countless options, so think beyond the box!

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