An awful report has been made on Randy Orton’s back issue and his uncertain future as a WWE legend. For the past six months, Randy Orton has been out.

During his final tenure in the WWE, Orton frequently teamed up with Matt Riddle to form the well-known duo known as RK-Bro. The Usos defeated RK-Bro to win the Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Titles in their final television battle on Smackdown on May 20.

As they commemorated their seventh anniversary of a marriage, Randy Orton’s wife Kim released a picture of Orton appearing extremely exhausted in a hospital bed. Kim shared the picture on November 14, which is also their anniversary but may not have been the day Orton was admitted to the hospital.

What Happened to Randy Orton

Kurt Angle, a close friend of Orton’s, also mentioned Randy undergoing back surgery recently, but there weren’t many specifics until today.

Fightful Select has revealed that Orton is not likely to return to WWE any time soon. The master of the RKO is anticipated to be sidelined for a “long amount of time” following the surgery Orton underwent to fuse his lower spine. Although the exact date of the procedure is unknown at this time, it has already occurred.

After a long career in WWE and the severity of the injury for the 42-year-old Orton, who began training to wrestle at OVW in 2000, some inside WWE told Fightful they’d be lucky to have Orton back at all.

Randy Orton made his Smackdown debut in 2002, marking the beginning of a 20-year career. He has expressed a desire to continue competing until he is 50 in order to achieve a 30-year career as a wrestler.

According to the Figthful account, Orton thought he would eventually recover when the accident first occurred. However, Orton’s return is not scheduled, and no original preparations have been made for him.

Additionally, it was mentioned that Orton’s WWE contract is valid through 2024, however, it’s unclear if WWE would be allowed to extend it or freeze it in light of the injury and extended absence.

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