The M4A1 is one of the best assault rifles in modern warfare games. For a new gamer who just learned how to play some assault games, the M4A1 is an excellent start, as its reload speed is impressive and recoil.

Best Csgo Skins for The M4 A1

The rifles offer everything that you will need in a modern warfare game, starting from accuracy, range of the assault rifle, the fast rate of fire, and the ability of the rifle to carry as many bullets as you can. It holds more bullets than other rifles in the games.

The rifle is a long-range rifle that works best in long-range fights. However, you will need more skins to make the experience with the gun unforgettable. This article will check out some of the best CSGO skins for the M4A1 rifle. Let’s dive into it.

  1. Chantico’s Fire

This skin is a part of the Chroma 3 collection and was added to the industry in 2016 and was released alongside the “Trichromacy” game update. As the name suggests, the skin is associated with an ancient goddess called Chantico, the Goddess of fire.

The rifle is covered in a traditional Aztec ornament made in various shades of red and yellow. The rifle is adorned with some yellow strokes on the edges, and the handle has a smiley description of Chantico.

The Chantico Fire skin has the StarTrak option.

  1. The Cyrex Skin

As part of the Breakout Collection, this CSGO Crate was released in 2014 alongside Operation Breakout. It has more of a futuristic design where the rifle is painted black and adorned in red and white geometrical elements.

The skin’s design also has a complement of inscriptions and a white counter-terrorist shape above the magazine. The skin has a StarTrak option and belongs to the Cyrex series.

  1. The Golden Coil

Being added to the game as part of the Shadow collection in 2015, the Golden Coil was released alongside the update to Shadow Boxing. This CSGO skin is one of the coolest skins I have ever seen.

This is because the rifle’s body is painted with black matte paint and then adorned with a golden image of an attacking snake in a floral pattern. Part of the handle is adorned with a geometric ornament. 

The most remarkable feature is the golden snake skin engraves the rifle’s silencer and buttstock. This skin has a StarTrak option like its counterparts.

  1. The Hyper Beast Skin

As part of the Chroma 2 Collection, the Hyper Beast skin was released in 2015 alongside the Chromatic Scale update. 

In this skin, the rifle is covered with an image of a monster with its mouth open while showing sharp teeth. The head of the beast is painted with shades of green, orange, blue, and crimson red.

The quality of the M4A1-S Hyper Beast is covert, and the skin belongs to the Hyper Beast Series with a StarTrak option.

  1. The Player Two Skin

Player Two was introduced to the game in 202 as part of the Prisma 2 Collection alongside the Clearing Out the Cobwebs update.

The skin is made in the manga style, with the rifle’s body covered in a multicoloured fragment of different colour patterns. The receiver is painted in an image of an attacking counter-terrorist with a gun in his hands. 

The magazine is covered with a head of a dog with its tongue hanging out. On some parts of the rifle, the are some inscriptions like Vanguard, among others, and some individual components of the riffle are painted black.

Ideally, Player Two is popular and has remained in demand to date.

  1. Welcome to the Jungle 

This skin was introduced to the gaming industry in 2022 as part of The Ancient Collection alongside the Broken Fang.

The rifle’s body is covered with an image of a golden viper painted against a background of leaves and branches. The colour themes include a variety of shades of pink, purple and green. The design has numerous icon compliments on the buttstock, silencer and magazine.

This CSGO skin does not have a StarTrak option, nor does it have a souvenir option.

Final Thoughts.

The M4A1 rifle becomes a great addition to your weapons with the fair skins to go along with it. We have gone through the best skins on the list. Therefore, you might want to acquire any of the skins mentioned in this article.

The list of CSGO skins for the M4A1 is endless, but we mentioned just a few top-notch ones. 

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