Technologies which support online streaming services are comnstantly evolving, and so are the opportunities they make possible. Below, we will be naming 5 amazing things made possible thanks to online streaming technology. 

  1.  Live Casinos

An exhilarating online experience awaits you with Live Dealers when you play at a Live Casino. A live casino game is one that is broadcasted online in real time through a video connection that is connected to a casino table. In order to experience a real live casino, players may gamble using their own computers and communicate with the dealer using the built-in messaging system. There are gaming tables at casinos that generate a virtual reality experience with the use of a specialised camera. 

You may play live casino games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, just as you would at a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. A live casino provides you with the opportunity to interact, not only with a live dealer, but also with online casino players located in different parts of the world as you compete against one other. 

  1.  4K+ Supported Virtual Reality Devices

Not just content providers, but also other industries have finally caught up to the need that consumers have for 4K resolution equipment. The main consumer electronics manufacturers now provide headsets that are compatible with 4K resolution at rates that are more reasonable as of the year 2021. While it is true that the verdict is still out on whether or not 8K headsets will be a commercial success and whether or not they will have a good enough quality, the potential of additional top-tier resolution devices is an exciting development for both customers and developers. Back-end technology now bears the brunt of the responsibility for supporting the delivery of material of an 8K quality. We anticipate that the future success of 4K+ devices will be enabled by the widespread use of future codecs.

  1.  Synchronized Viewing

OTT platforms have emerged as a dominant form of brand-new social experiences over the course of the past decade. Viewers are no longer limited in their ability to see the latest hit film or television series like Sky Rojo by broadcast viewing periods or theatre hours. Watch parties have become more popular as a result of the proliferation of video-on-demand services. However, the pandemic that occurred in 2020/21 has resulted in the creation of the most recent social watching experience, which is referred to as “Synchronized Viewing.” In this experience, customers see the same content at the exact same time and have some type of added interaction with one another.

  1.  5G Network Adoption

Before consumers could even begin to grow tired of 4G, the newest and fastest network, 5G, is being made available to customers as well as governments throughout the world. Both customers and developers are always looking for new low-latency streaming alternatives. Now that 5G is becoming ubiquitous throughout the globe, the burden of providing high-quality material is marginally lessened for OTT and streaming service providers.

  1.  Upscaling Content Resolutions

Data shows that 99.8% of all TV sales worldwide as of 2019 were in HD or above. However, HD and higher-quality material have only been available over the last decade; prior to that, all content was still in SD. Nowadays, the majority of OTT services provide older material on our considerably improved devices. Streaming services continually upsample material to overcome the quality gap and enhance the user experience by reducing “background noise” for regular users.

The spatial methodology is the most widely used way of upsampling. It involves employing a mathematical function to predict a high-resolution picture from a set of low-resolution images that are comparable.

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