A cannabis vape can be your best traveling buddy. It’ll spice up your adventure with extra-juicy hits and enrich your experience everywhere you go! However, you must approach the matter cautiously and take care of a few things before packing your bags.

You don’t want your vape stolen or taken away by local authorities. Furthermore, your vape can spill out, run out of battery, or cause unpleasant reactions among locals. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the most important things you should consider before traveling with a vape.

Stay tuned and learn how a cannabis vape can elevate your journey without causing you the slightest inconvenience!

Top 6 Things to Remember Before Traveling with Your Vape

Traveling with a cannabis tool can be a tricky ordeal. The main problems cannabis lovers face when traveling with a vape are airport security checks, running out of battery, leakages, and legal issues. That’s why you should take all necessary measures to avoid unpleasant situations and not deprive yourself of the pleasure of vaping.

On top of that, many vaping products will guarantee you a safe and thrilling journey. Don’t be shy to launch your browser and discover vaping products online that are travel-friendly, have robust battery storage, and comply with local laws.

Following are some handy tips for safe traveling while enjoying some mouth-watering hits:

Check the Local Regulations and Laws Concerning Cannabis Vapes

You should keep in mind the local laws and regulations related to cannabis usage. Some countries have an all-out agenda on preventing cannabis use within their borders, while others impose more moderate legislation concerning different tools, liquids, and gadgets.

For instance, if traveling throughout Europe, you’ll have to poke your eyes out reading all the different regulations and procedures! On the other hand, countries like Canada, Malta, and South Africa have fully legalized the recreational use of cannabis.

However, the laws on vaping can be a little bit tricky. They sometimes exclude the usage of vaping tools, although recreational use is not prohibited.

In other cases, vaping is forbidden in public places like restaurants, parks, bars, or beaches. Do your research and inform yourself beforehand.

Don’t Forget Your E-liquids

If you have a set of favorite flavors, it’s a smart move to take them with you. You never know whether you’ll be able to find your go-to e-liquids at your traveling destination.

You’ll have to keep your e-liquids always at hand to enjoy sweet and refreshing hits. So, try to pack up your favorite liquids for the entire trip and take a little bit more, just in case.

Furthermore, investigate whether the country imposes bans on nicotine usage. In this case, take some nicotine-free liquids and let your journey begin!

Batteries, Chargers, and All Kinds of Electronics

Like any other electrical tool, vapes run on batteries and chargers. And naturally, you wouldn’t want your vape to run out of battery right during your trip.

Cannabis lovers sometimes forget this and leave their batteries at home. You can always take an extra vape with you in case your initial one runs out of power.

If you use disposable vapes, take enough disposables for the whole journey. Better yet, if you’re traveling to a destination where disposables are hard to find, take an empty cart to refill your vape.

Proper Storage Is a Must

Precaution is essential when you’re packing your vape for a trip.

Cannabis vapes are sensitive tools full of different parts and electronics. Nonetheless, these little parts make the vape a one-of-a-kind smoking tool that is easy to store and transfer.

All you have to do is empty the vape out of all liquids before you pack it in a soft and smooth cloth. This way, you’ll be protecting your vape from any potential damage.

Additionally, if you’re carrying loose batteries, make sure that you pack them in a case to avoid damaging them.

Empty Your Vape Before Taking Off

If you’re traveling by plane, you should consider emptying your vape before taking off. The air pressure is different on the airplane compared to the air pressure on the ground. Even though liquids are incompressible, these big changes in atmospheric pressure can cause them to expand.

If you leave any juices in your vape, you increase the chance of leakages during the flight. To avoid such sticky situations, empty your vape and store it properly. Moreover, you can always take your e-liquid vape and thus prevent any potential leaks.

Bring Your Maintainance Kit

Tiny vapes usually don’t need much maintenance. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a maintenance kit on your journey. Even though you’re using a tiny vape, an extra wick and coil will do you no harm.

The maintenance kit has all you need to keep your vape as new throughout the journey. You can clean it, change the wick and coil, and replace the batteries. One more thing–place your maintenance kit in a protective case or wrap it up in a soft and smooth material to avoid any damage.

Final Take

Anywhere you go, a cannabis vape can make you feel at home! It’ll help you absorb and remember all the sightings, people, and situations the best you can.

Nonetheless, you should always take a few precautions before traveling with your vape.

Aside from the tips we’ve mentioned, you can always check the airport’s policy regarding vapes. Some airports allow vaping at their premises, while others strictly forbid it.

Furthermore, you must remember to keep your vape hidden and out of sight. This way, you’ll be preventing your vape from being stolen or damaged.

In addition, double-check the laws and regulations of the country and how locals would react to cannabis vaping. There are many countries where cannabis stigmas are widespread, and vapes aren’t welcomed.

Once you’ve checked all this, you’re ready to go! Take your favorite vape and flavors and embark on a one-of-a-kind trip full of unique people, places, and juicy hits!

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