Marijuana is big business. According to Fortune Business Insights, in 2020, the value of the global cannabis market stood at USD 20.47 billion and by 2028, this is expected to reach USD 197.74 billion. Its compound annual growth is projected to be 25.5%. This projection seems extremely feasible as more and more states in the US are legalizing its use.

Celebrities Who Own Cannabis Businesses

It has become such a big business that you will now find many famous weed brands that sell both marijuana and CBD (cannabidiol) products. Many famous people and celebrities too have come into this space. They are referred to as “cannapreneurs”. Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog were probably the first celebs who launched their own cannabis products. But now, almost every week, another celebrity is launching a new brand.

Celebrities Who Own Their Cannabis Business

Here are some of the top cannabis brands owned by the celebrities in the United States. Check out these celebrity weed brands!

  1. Mike Tyson – Tyson Ranch

The famous boxer Tyson has come out openly in recent years and disclosed his substance abuse issues. Tyson says that it was marijuana that helped him come out of his addiction. He is confident that CBD is very powerful antidotes that can help people stop their opiate addiction.

Influenced by his positive relationship with marijuana, Mike Tyson formed his company “Tyson Ranch” and started selling cannabis products. You may use his products in the states where you can smoke pot legally.

  • Snoop Dogg – Leafs by Snoop

He has been open about weed smoking even before recreational marijuana was legalized by many states. The rap icon decided to start his company when it was legalized. His company “Leafs by Snoop” offers concentrated, cannabis flower, and many edibles. The company was launched in Colorado in 2015 and now, his products are distributed through Canopy Growth. You will find his products throughout Canada and the US at dispensaries.

Snoop Dog also released the G-Pen, which is an electrical weed vaporizer.

  • Jay Z – Monogram

The Jay Z weed factory is called Monogram. In 2019, this American rapper and producer announced the launch of a luxury cannabis line. It was eventually launched in 2020 and offers many pre-rolls and flower strains. The strains don’t reveal whether they are incica, hybrid or sativa. They are labeled heavy, medium, and light.

  • Jim Belushi – Belushi’s Farm

Another famous weed grower, Jim grows his own marijuana. His company, Belushi’s Farm, is in California. Blues Brothers is a signature brand from his business. It refers to his famous movie character.

  • Martha Stewart – Martha Stewart CBD

Snoop Dogg’s friend Martha is also not behind. She is a CBD celebrity who has her own line of CBD wellness brands. She has developed these products through Canopy Growth, which is a leading cannabis business in the world now. Martha makes CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD soft gels, and even CBD for pets. Her products were launched in September 2020. They are made with 100% US-grown natural hemp.

Martha Stewart has been a longtime advocate of homemaking and it was only natural that she would come out with her own company as soon as she saw others doing it.

  • Willie Nelson – Willie’s Reserve

The country singer, writer, actor, and activist, Willie founded his business in 2015 in Washington State. Willie’s Reserve uses marijuana grown by independent farmers in the US and offers a range of vape cartridges, edibles, and flowers. Nelson’s products are known for their high quality and revered in the community.

Apart from being the founder of the business, Willie is also the “chief tester”, which means that he tries everything himself before they can be sold to the buyers.

  • Seth Rogen – Houseplant

Comedian, director, and actor Seth Rogen is another famous cannabis smoker. Cannabis has featured heavily in many of his movies. His expertise in weed inspired him to launch Houseplant, his recreational cannabis business in collaboration with Canopy Growth.

Together with his partner Evan Goldberg, Houseplant doesn’t just sell flowers and other weed products. They also provide education and like to share their common passion. Together, they want to make it the world’s most “thoughtful weed company”.

  • Kristen Bell – Happy Dance

Happy Dance is collaboration between the American actress Kristen Bell and Lord Jones. Their brand Happy Dance makes CBD-infused skincare products. Bell says she has been personally using the CBD products of Lord Jones for two years before she decided to launch her own line. Bell says she was highly impressed with the consistency, integrity, and quality of these products. She has made them affordable to appeal to a large audience.

  • Whoopi Goldberg – Emma & Clyde

A longtime advocate of cannabis, Whoopi announced the launched of her cannabis brand in 2019. She wants her business to be “socially conscious”. The name of the business, Emma & Clyde, is a tribute to her mom and brother. They make a range of edibles, accessories, pre-rolls, and flower.

  1. Chelsea Handler – NorCal Cannabis

Marijuana helped the comedian come out of sleeping pills. A large business now in California, it aims to help and educate women about the wellness potential of marijuana. She also speaks in favor of responsible micro-dosing. Handler is not only a feminist and activist, she strongly advocates for complete cannabis legalization.

Cannabis consumption is growing fast, thanks to the popularity of weed, its many benefits, and legalization by the states. A leading researcher feels that cannabis sales in the US could reach $72 billion by 2030. It is not surprising that there are so many “cannapreneurs” out there, which includes actors, singers, and other successful people.

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