A common undergraduate dread flows through many college students—a period where they start grappling with several psychological issues. The reality is that it’s not spoken about too often, so only college students understand. You’ll probably know what it is if you’ve also been through college.

It’s the midlife crisis associated with being in college. For the longest time, the midlife crisis was used only for those in their 40s-60s as a transitional period where they grapple with their reality, identity and confidence. It was denied that college students experience midlife crises too. So many students began defining it as a “quarter-life or existential crisis.”

Dealing with a midlife crisis in college can stop students from actively participating in school. For some reason, it could be why a student will opt for a do my homework aid so that they could wallow. However, psychologists have pointed out that it’s a psychological issue, not a disorder. Given that, this article pays attention to what a midlife/quarter-life crisis looks like for college students.

Mid-Life/Quarter-Life Crisis In College Students

There are several terms students use when talking about college midlife crises. Some call it quarter-life or existential crisis; others call it “the mid-college crisis.” Whatever term is used, they all mean the same thing. For college students, the crisis manifests mainly in two ways;

●      The Worry Of Moving Towards Another Level

This particular crisis state starts showing up in most students immediately after their first year is exhausted. It also manifests in students at other learning levels. It’s usually the sudden crippling fear of moving forward to another, more challenging year.

We all know that while in college, the course gets even more advanced as we progress. Most students start feeling dread and panic, especially when they had difficulty in the previous school year. It’s usually a manifestation of questioning one’s ability to tackle another school year. A crippling fear that could impact self-confidence.

●      The Worry Of Almost Graduating College

This is the most common of the two midlife crises students face in school. According to psychologists, it’s the realization that a college year is almost up. This realization begins to have a huge impact on students. Suddenly, you are worried about money, housing, employment, and all the other associated dread.

The most common type of this crisis is associated with employment and growing into a self-sufficient adult. It’s pent-up anxiety that, when not managed, leads to severe panic attacks. While dealing with this, it could start to impact the academic performance of most students because all their energy is directed toward the dreadful unknown.

However, there’s little awareness of the student’s mid-life crisis, even though it’s a psychological issue. This result is that students are unaware of how to help themselves through this period. Below are helpful ways to manage a mid-life crisis while in school.

How To College Students Can Handle Mid-Life Crisis

Some of the practices of managing general midlife crises can be used by college students experiencing similar issues. To manage the crisis in school, these are helpful things to do;

1.     Visit your college-licensed therapist

Schools make therapy provisions for students, often part of the fee you pay. What better way to sort through the dreadful thoughts in your head than going to a school-licensed therapist? Attend as many therapy sessions as possible, discuss your fears and challenges with your therapist and let them help you through it.

2.     Trust in your abilities

Trusting oneself sounds cliché, but it’s a powerful way of defeating even the scary thoughts in your head. Instead of worrying about how advanced the next level will be, trust that you will get through it. Of course, the previous year was challenging, but you did it. You can always do it again.

3.     Take financial actions

This might seem too much for someone in college, but it’s possible. If you’re worried about your post-college finances, you can start saving little savings now. It doesn’t matter how big or little you save; what counts is that you’re saving up some money. Knowing you have some money somewhere will relieve your worry.

4.     Say Healthy Mantras & Affirmations

Mantras and affirmations work when said with intention. So, if you believe you’ll get through an advanced level with flying colors, you’ll. Say mantras and affirmations constantly with intention, and go ahead and do the work.

What affirmations do they set and uplift your mood? They hold so much power when said with confidence. Suddenly, you begin to internalize them and focus on graduating college.

5.     Surround Yourself With Positive People

It’s helpful to have people encouraging you to stay positive in your corner. Have a circle of friends, coursemates, and activities that nudge you towards positivity. When focusing on the positive, there’s little time to worry about what might go wrong.


Mid-life crisis happens to college students even though it’s not often discussed. It manifests in its unique way. Students struggle with it when it’s unidentified, but acknowledging it helps them get through it.

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