Twitch is an incredibly popular streaming platform that gamers and gaming audiences adore. It’s the ultimate destination for gaming content and has garnered a huge fan base. 

Twitch had around 7.25 million active streamers in May 2023.  

Whether you are a pro in Fortnite or an online casino, you can stream your games online on Twitch. But, how? 

Software to Use to Stream on Twitch 

Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or just starting out, finding the right software is essential for a smooth and professional streaming experience.  

When it comes to streaming on Twitch, there’s a wide range of free software options available, making this aspect of “how to stream on Twitch” a bit complex. 

However, there are some options that are better than others: 

  • Twitch Studio 

Twitch’s own software stands out as a popular choice. Users praise its user-friendly setup, with auto-detection of settings.  

Although you’ll need to configure stream overlays, Twitch Studio offers default options to kickstart your streaming journey. It even provides a guided setup for game feed, webcam, and microphone, making it an excellent choice for beginners. 

With Twitch Studio, setting up your stream becomes a breeze as it takes care of automating the configuration of your hardware. You can dive into streaming without any hassle, and the best part is, you won’t require any extra plug-ins to get started. 

You can download Twitch Studio from its official site and get started.  

  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS): Streamlabs OBS or OBS Classic (OBS Live) 

For users seeking enhanced customization and expanded choices, two notable options are Xsplit and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).  

While Xsplit requires payment for full functionality, you can go for OBS as a preferable choice. Both Streamlabs OBS and OBS Classic (OBS Live) are viable options.  

Streamlabs OBS offers advanced customization, while OBS Classic is less resource-intensive and simpler to configure. While the assistant personally uses Streamlabs OBS, OBS Classic is kept as a backup. 

To stream using any of these software options, signing in to a Twitch account is typically required.  

However, an alternative option is to utilise a stream key instead. This is particularly useful if you’re streaming on behalf of an organisation or website and don’t have direct login access.  

Here, it’s important to note that Xsplit may not support streaming solely with a stream key. 

  • Restream Studio 

Restream Studio, a complimentary web-based broadcasting tool, is packed with functionalities that simplify the live-streaming process, even for novices. It enables simultaneous live streaming on several platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. 

It offers picture-in-picture streaming, the ability to overlay chat on the stream, and provides a collection of royalty-free background music that can be played continuously. 

How To Create a Twitch Account 

If you don’t have a Twitch account, the good news is that getting started with live streaming on Twitch is a breeze, and best of all, it’s free!  

Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • Understand the rules 

Before jumping in, familiarise yourself with the Twitch community guidelines. Keep the page handy for reference as rules are occasionally updated. 

  • Set up an account 

To get started, click the ‘Sign Up’ button on a desktop or download the Twitch app on mobile.  

Choose a unique username, secure password, and provide your email and date of birth. If signing up on mobile, it’s advisable to use your phone number initially, followed by email verification later. 

  • Activate two-factor authentication 

Before you can start broadcasting, Twitch requires two-factor authentication (2FA). This necessitates having your password and mobile phone at hand.  

First, confirm your email address in the ‘Security and Privacy’ settings of your Twitch account. Then, if you haven’t already linked your phone number to your account, do so to enable 2FA. 


 Twitch offers an engaging platform for gamers to connect, share, and explore. With options like Twitch Studio, OBS, and Restream Studio, you have a variety of software at your disposal to ensure a seamless streaming experience.  

The process to create a Twitch account is straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy even for novices. So, whether you’re an expert gamer or just starting, Twitch provides a dynamic platform to showcase your gaming prowess, engage with a community of like-minded individuals, and potentially grow your fanbase. 

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