The holiday season is near, and many of us struggle with choosing gifts for our friends and family. While supermarkets and malls are filled with all kinds of Christmas goods these days, it can still be difficult to choose something truly original for your loved ones.

A handmade Christmas card can be the original piece your present is missing. Read further to find inspiration with Merry Christmas images for your greeting cards.

5 types of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cards

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Even as times change and the world becomes more digital, good old greeting cards remain popular. Over 2 billion Christmas cards are sent in the US each year. Furthermore, the greeting card market was valued at $19.25 billion in 2022.

So, if you want to congratulate your family and friends by sending your meaningful Christmas wishes, here are five of the most common types of greeting cards to consider:

Traditional Christmas cards

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Traditional Christmas cards often feature classic holiday symbols such as holly, ornaments, or festive landscapes. The most commonly used color palette includes traditional reds, greens, and golds. These cards may also have religious images and can be an excellent fit for religious Christmas wishes. But even if you aren’t religious, you can still easily find a card that conveys a sense of timeless holiday cheer.

Illustrated Christmas cards

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As the name suggests, this card type contains all kinds of holiday-themed illustrations, from playful images of Santa and reindeer to charming winter scenes. If you want a visually engaging and personalized touch and enjoy visuals created in different styles, illustrated cards can be your go-to option this Christmas.

Funny Christmas cards

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Such cards can be a perfect addition to your funny and cheerful Christmas wishes. After all, they are designed to bring laughter and joy during the holiday season. Funny greeting cards often feature humorous illustrations, clever puns, or witty jokes about Christmas. Ensure your friends, family, or colleagues share your sense of humor before presenting them with these cards.


Vintage Christmas cards

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These cards often reminisce the styles of previous eras and have a retro aesthetic. They can feature classic holiday imagery like old-fashioned Santas, vintage ornaments, or scenes that channel Norman Rockwell paintings. They are a great choice for those who appreciate a classic and timeless festive feel.

Minimalist Christmas cards

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These cards are all about simplicity and clean design, often focusing on key holiday symbols or a single but meaningful image. They usually have a limited color palette with whites, greens, or blues and appeal to those who prefer a modern approach to holiday greetings.

FAQ: What is the best message for Christmas?

The best message for Christmas is one of love, compassion, and togetherness. It’s a time to celebrate the joy of giving, appreciate the presence of loved ones, and reflect on the values of kindness and goodwill towards others.

How to create images for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cards

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Consider creating your own Christmas cards to add a personal touch to your holiday greetings. Here are some tips to help you make them unique and memorable:

Capture a festive atmosphere

Include holiday decorations, twinkling string lights, and seasonal elements like a decorated Christmas tree. These elements set the mood and serve as a visually appealing background for your cards.

Pick an appealing color scheme

Choose a color scheme that resonates with the holiday season. Traditional colors like red, green, gold, and silver are timeless, but you can explore alternative colors that match your style. For instance, consider replacing red with orange if your works have too many red shades.

Add a personal touch

Take pictures of your family members, pets, or your house in Christmas decorations. Of course, implementing such imagery largely depends on the recipients of your cards, too. A decorated house or a dog in a Christmas scarf would be a great fit for everyone you know, while a card with your family would be a better option for those who know you and your family personally.

Experiment with lighting and color filters

You can use soft, diffused lighting or add string lights to the photo for a cozy feel. Even if you don’t have much experience with editing, you can apply pre-made festive color filters to your images. For instance, you can experiment with online photo editors like Canva and Fotor or pick a mobile editor like VSCO or Snapseed.

FAQ: What do you say to wish a Merry Christmas?

To wish a Merry Christmas, you can say, “Wishing you a joyful and Merry Christmas filled with love, warmth, and festive cheer!” You can also choose a simple “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”.

To sum up

Physical Christmas cards are still widely popular; they remain a cherished holiday sentiment symbol. You can pick one of the popular cards available in your nearest market or create a handmade card, adding a personal touch to your greetings this Christmas.

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