Being a student in the 21st century is such a privilege and honor. Students get to benefit from the solutions developed by others who may have otherwise struggled, and as a result, their lives get streamlined based on the toil and sweat of others. Students have a lot of resources at their disposal to make their academic endeavors as effortless as possible.

Many apps are custom-made for students, allowing them to have a smooth academic life and several online buddies. Education may be overwhelming and difficult to keep track of. However, several apps oriented toward planning, exam preparation, language learning, and note-keeping allow students to keep tabs on their academics. This article seeks to enlighten students on the various apps they can use for their academics.

Top Apps for Students

Lecture capture apps

Office Lens

You may be seated in class, and the lightning speed at which the lecturer conveys information is getting too fast for you to catch up. Office Lens, available on Android, can help you overcome this problem. Office Lens, an app developed by Microsoft, allows students to take photos and convey them into readable document formats. The app is also free, thus allowing all students to acquire it. It also allows for document scanning and manipulation for quick editing. The app also has angle correction to maximize readability and editing.

Super Notes

For students, storage capacity is vital while choosing their devices. Due to the bulk of their academic work, storage is important to allow for the tracking and storage of all their reading material. Super Notes has unlimited capacity to allow students to store their notes. The app allows students to record notes and calculations while integrating videos, audio, and photos. The app also allows sketching and handwriting and has synch features for students to access their notes through all their devices. Super Notes is also available on both Android and IoS.


From the name, you can already tell that this is an app you must secure and have pinned to your screen. AudioNote2 allows students to take audio while simultaneously writing notes. The app also has a visual appearance for the notebook and features such as variable fonts, colors, bullet systems, and symbols. Through indexed notes with timestamps included, students can easily navigate through the app and find their notes easily. Students can also find their notes on the cloud since the app allows for cloud synch.

Academic apps


Photomath has successfully wiped the tears off many students’ faces. Students can now have a mathematical companion that allows them to solve the most complex questions in a minute! Photomath has optic features that allow students to take photos of their mathematical problems and post them on the app. The app then walks students through the steps to solve the math problem while backing the solutions with explanations.


The number of academic articles students write after completing their educational curriculum may be too large to track. Most students have learned to use cheap essay writing services like AffordablePapers to help them work through their essays. Mendeley is one of the best academic apps that students can use to keep track of the references gathered as they compose their academic articles. Through extensions on writing apps such as Microsoft Word, Mendeley assists students in generating citations and references.

Revision apps

1. Chegg Study

You probably have already heard about Chegg Study through their remarkable marketing and advertising strategy. Sometimes, you may do your homework in the wee hours of the night, with no one to ask questions. Chegg Study offers 24/7 assistance on your homework and creates comprehensive steps to help students understand their assignments. The app also has guided videos to offer more understanding and flashcard features to allow students to prepare for their SAT and ACT exams.

2. Quizlet

Academic expert analysts prove that quizzes are the best way to reinforce knowledge in people. Quizlet puts the notion to the test, and based on more than 40 million users, the app is performing excellently. Quizlet allows university students to create flashcards to help them through their academics and create games and quizzes to keep their studies at their fingertips.

Exam prep apps

Professional Pocket Prep

Poor reading habits and low confidence are among students’ primary reasons for exam failure. Professional Pocket Prep kills two birds with one stone and prepares students adequately for their examinations. Through standardized papers, the app is highly convenient in engaging with students and enabling them to highlight their weaknesses through quizzes, thus allowing them to read through their weak points. The information offered on the app is also up-to-date; hence, students are assured of having a trustworthy source in the app.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is keen on furthering the motive of producing learned and smart individuals. The non-profit app is an ideal student companion that allows students to access it anywhere freely. The app has offline features that allow students to save videos and watch them offline. It also allows students to enroll in courses and presents assignments for further understanding. Moreover, bookmark features and interactive exercises on the app help students to make academics more enjoyable.

Student planner apps


The procrastination levels among students are very alarming. This has prompted the generation of time management apps to help students overcome this crippling problem. myHomework has widely been adopted by both students and lecturers, allowing them to keep track of their homework and classes. The app allows students to input their assignments and place timelines by what they are expected to submit. Students can also prioritize their work and place tasks to complete their homework. The app can be accessed offline, and students can acquire it freely or gain a premium model at $4.99 yearly.


The productivity of students has greatly increased due to the increase in study groups. Planning out study groups can be troublesome and requires meticulous and intentional planning. Calendly makes study group planning much more doable by allowing meeting settings. The app also couples other applications such as Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, and Microsoft Office to reinforce its reminders. The app allows for creating meeting requests and visual parameters, such as checking members’ availability. It also has poll features allowing members to vote for the most convenient time for group meetings.


Financial planning may not be a forte for many students. However, the demanding financial state of college education does not permit students to squander their cash, and financial budgeting skills must be acquired. PocketGuard is one of the effective budgeting apps for students that allows them to link their financial accounts and keep track of their monthly expenditures. The app also ensures students learn how to save and monitor their income against their expenditures. The app is ideal for overspenders, allowing them to control their finances.

Language learning apps


It would be a grave injustice not to mention Duolingo as one of the best language-learning tools students can adopt. In a month, you can safely learn and excel at the foreign language on your bucket list. The app has over 40 languages, making learning languages very interesting and ensuring students follow through with their goals by establishing streaks. The app also has an attractive and colorful interface and integrates games to make the process more interesting.


Busuu is a formal language companion that ensures students follow through and learn their languages. The app allows students to practice grammar and vocabulary through personalized study plans. Busuu also allows students to practice their desired language with native speakers. The app is also interesting since it has a podcast and a dashboard with newspaper articles for further language practice. Moreover, students can get an approximate timeline on when they will achieve their desired language level.

Creative and hobby apps for students

Yoga App

Work without play makes Jack dull, and academics must be balanced with co-curricular activities. Health and wellness apps have increased awareness and popularity among students as they maintain mindfulness of their bodies. Yoga has immense advantages for relaxation and body health, and the Yoga App is the ideal app to help you through your interest in yoga. The app allows a customized experience for each user with daily exercises that can help students develop consistency. The app also includes music and a voice instructor, making the experience more attractive and engaging. This app would allow students to maintain body and mind health, thus improving their performance.

You may not necessarily have a knack for drawing or painting, but can walk you through the process to unleash your Picasso capabilities. Art can be therapeutic and allow students to overcome the challenges and stress of their academics. Through doodling, pencil art, or painting, students can take up a new hobby and learn and be professionals through The app also allows students to share their projects with their peers and have them participate. Drawing has been proven to improve memory, so having this app would be advantageous for students since it would refine their academic brainpower.


Countless apps are swarming the internet that students can use to amplify and make their academic experiences an outstanding experience. This article showcases the examples of various applications students can use to their advantage, making them their academic buddies in improving their performance and relaxing their brains. Take the chance by picking your academic buddy, and revolve your school life.

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