Constant work with computers and their use not only for business purposes has become an integrаl part of each of our daily lives. As we spend more and more time with computers, we have realized how critical it is to make our workflow more efficient. That is, to increase and improve PC performance. After all, such improvement will reduce waiting time and make tasks faster. This is true regardless of whether to use Windows or iOS (Mac). So, improving the performance of one’s PC has become a crucial task for every user. Below are actionable steps that will help one to boost the performance of their PC, regardless of the operating system they use.

1. Operating system updates

One of the best ways to improve PC performance is to keep your operating system up to date.

  • Companies regularly release patches and updates to fix bugs and improve performance.
  • Make sure you always install the latest operating system versions and security updates.

Additionally, efficient CPU utilization can improve performance. CPU usage Macbook can vary depending on which apps you use. If you see that a program is consuming too many resources, you can close it or find an alternative. So, for many users, the important information may be the one about Mac check CPU usage, as well as the question that precedes it, namely how to check CPU usage on Mac? Users can follow these steps to check CPU usage on Mac.

  • Open the Mac’s Task Manager (Activity Monitor).
  • Go to the CPU tab.
  • You will find information about the following,
  • Which apps are currently using your Mac’s CPU,
  • Statistics about resource usage.

2. Cleaning the system from unnecessary files 

Removing junk and temporary files can immediately improve your PC’s performance.

  • If you use Windows, use the built-in Task Manager tool. It will allow you to delete unnecessary processes.
  • If you’re using iOS (Mac), use Task Manager to check your resources and determine which processes are consuming a lot of resources.

3. Extra memory and increasing the hard disk space

Among other ways of how to fix PC performance, there is such an effective way as adding additional RAM and increasing the size of the hard disk. This will provide more resources for programs and the operating system. And they, in turn, will lead to an increase in performance.

4. Program startup optimization

Don’t forget the following thing. The more programs that start when your PC turns on, the fewer resources are left for other tasks.

To prevent such things from happening, do the following. Disable the autorun of programs that are not required to be active at system startup.

  • On Windows, you can manage this through the Task Manager.
    • On iOS (Mac), you can do this in System Preferences.

5. Checking for malware and viruses

Virus and malware programs can severely degrade your PC’s performance. Therefore, use reliable antivirus software. It will regularly scan your system for malicious viruses and programs. If you are an iOS user, use the built-in Gatekeeper tool. It helps to prevent dangerous software from running.

6. Increasing graphics performance

For gamers and professionals who work with heavy graphics tasks, improving graphics performance can be key. To do this,

  • On Windows, update your graphics card drivers.

Also, use apps to monitor and customize your graphics settings.

  • On iOS, you can use System Preferences to adjust graphics settings and update drivers.

7. Improving the efficiency of your workflows

Analyze and optimize your workflows. To do so, you can,

  • Identify which tasks take the most time and consume the most resources.
  • Find ways to automate or simplify these processes.

This may include using macros, scripts, or programs to automate routine work tasks.

8. Turn off animations and special effects

  • Animations and special effects can often make your work more interesting.
  • At the same time, they consume a significant amount of PC resources.
  • Therefore, disabling them can have a significant positive impact on productivity.
  • In both Windows and iOS, you have settings that allow you to turn off animations and make your system faster.

As we can see, improving PC performance is a task that we can achieve using various methods. The most optimal and effective ones are described above. It is important to remember to perform such actions regularly. And also to keep your operating system up to date to ensure maximum performance. At the same time, you can back up your data to protect it from loss. We hope that with the help of the 8 quіck steps described above, you can significantly improve your PC performance. Also, you can make your workflow more convenient, faster, and therefore more efficient.

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