When you play slots at a casino you’re playing with real cash. In theory, there’s no limit on how much you could lose. However, while it may seem like an open-ended opportunity, this isn’t necessarily true. 

The reality is that if you don’t know how to maximize your potential profits, then losing will be inevitable for some reason or another. What good is winning without getting enough return on investment?

How Slots RTP Can Help You Maximize Your Winnings

There are many factors affecting the profitability of any gaming establishment, including the number of players using their tables each week, the payouts made by other games being played alongside yours, and the overall economic outlook. But one of the biggest factors is what we’ll call Return To Player (or simply RTP live).

What Is Slots RTP?

RTP refers to the percentage of profit earned by a particular table game after everything has been taken into account – the house edge, jackpots, bonuses, commissions paid out and so forth. 

This includes all types of gambling, not just casinos but also online betting platforms. So, as well as knowing how profitable a slot game might be, you need to consider the Return To Play rate, otherwise known as RTP.

In addition to helping you choose between different slot games, understanding the RTP gives you valuable insight into the value of your own personal finances, too. If you’ve got lots of spare cash sitting around, perhaps you should look for ways to invest them instead! 

Knowing the right way to use your funds depends largely upon whether you want to keep things simple or take advantage of bonus offers available through specific sites.

If you do decide to take part in online gambling, you’ll find plenty of information about slots RTP available through research websites such as Net Entertainment. Here’s why.

The Difference Between RTP and RTB

Most gamblers understand the concept of RTP, but few really grasp its significance. Most gamers assume that the highest possible RTP means the least amount of risk involved, so that’s usually assumed to mean the safest choice. Yet it doesn’t always work out like that.

What makes certain sites stand apart from others is that they give their customers access to both RTP and Revenue Share (RTB), allowing them to compare both figures side by side. With these two numbers, you can see exactly where a site stands compared to its competitors, giving you the chance to make an informed decision based on data rather than hunches.

The difference between RTP and RTB is important because it affects your long term prospects. When looking for the best slots to play, you’re essentially asking yourself what level of risk you’re willing to accept. 

Some people feel comfortable taking part in higher variance games, even though the odds may still favor the house. Others prefer lower risk options, as they believe they won’t lose everything overnight.

It’s important to remember that although RTP is typically used to measure the profitability of a slot machine, similar concepts apply elsewhere in the world of gambling. For example, you’ll find plenty of sportsbooks offering odds on sports, online poker rooms catering specifically to US citizens, and casinos throughout the UK offering blackjack tables.

Choosing A Slot Game Based On RTP

Once you’ve found a website offering both RTP and RTB statistics, you should take the necessary steps to learn everything you can about a particular slot game. The first thing you should do is select a suitable game type, ideally something that offers a wide range of denominations.

This ensures you have more opportunities to win big prizes, regardless of what size bets you place. After you’ve selected your preferred game type, you should proceed onto reading reviews written by previous users. 

These can provide invaluable insights into the quality of service offered by individual operators as well as highlighting areas in which improvement could be implemented.

Finally, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the slot game itself. All online casinos feature help pages detailing how to operate the software correctly, plus instructions on how to collect wins in order to avoid incurring losses.

You shouldn’t overlook these essential details, as they allow you to develop real mastery over your chosen slots title.

RTP & Other Factors Affecting Profitability

While RTP is undoubtedly an important consideration when deciding which slots to play, it’s by no means the only one. As mentioned above, a host of additional factors influence your ability to turn a profit from your gaming endeavors. Below is a brief overview of a handful of these factors.

Payout Percentage – This relates to the payout levels awarded by the operator and is measured as a percentage of total bet placed during each session. Typically, the higher the payout ratio, the greater the chances of being able to recoup your losses quickly. 

Remember, however, that increasing this figure does come at the expense of longer-lasting wins. Higher payout percentages also increase the likelihood of receiving bigger rewards than normal.

Jackpot Levels – Jackpots are designed to attract large sums of money from different levels of bettors. They represent a combination of luck and skill, making it difficult to predict precisely when the next jackpot will appear. Although the majority of jackpots tend to drop off fairly rapidly, it’s worth remembering that larger jackpots can lead to considerably increased average returns over a given period of time.

Bonuses and Promotions – Bonuses and promotions are great incentives for new players, enabling them to test out their skills against the house. Many of these are easy to implement, requiring minimal effort on behalf of the customer. However, this doesn’t necessarily translate to guaranteed success, meaning you need to spend time researching the terms and conditions prior to signing up.

Customer Support – Customer support is crucial as far as providing reliable services goes. Providing assistance 24 hours per day guarantees maximum flexibility, especially for those who travel frequently.

Is There An Ideal RTP For Each Casino Game?

Ultimately, you need to determine how much risk you’re prepared to take with regard to your own finances. Choices relating to RTP will depend greatly on your budget and bankroll. Do you have a fixed sum available for gambling purposes, or are you lucky enough to have a significant surplus each month?

The answer to this question can vary depending on the nature of your financial situation, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide. Whatever you select, it’s vital to do thorough research beforehand. Don’t forget to use tools like slottracker and slotstatistics, both of which enable you to conduct detailed comparisons across multiple sites.


By gaining an in-depth knowledge of the various elements affecting the profitability of a slot game, you can make the most informed selection possible. Understanding the differences between RTP and RTB allows you to make better choices regarding the games you sign up to play.

Not every site provides both figures, so you need to make sure you check their stats page thoroughly before committing to any sort of transactions.

Are there any tips relating to slots RTP that you’d like to share? Perhaps you disagree with our suggestions entirely? We’d love to hear your views in the comments section below.

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