The World Cup in 2022 was one of the most interesting we’ve seen and was based in the Middle East for the first time. Though it was a controversial choice, the tournament was generally a success and Argentina was triumphant in the end. While the Qatar tournament saw a lot of infrastructure and sports stadiums built specifically, the 2026 World Cup will rely on the infrastructure of 16 cities across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The full list of cities for the 2026 world cup is:

  • Vancouver
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • LA
  • Guadalajara
  • Kansas City
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Atlanta
  • Monterrey
  • Mexico City
  • Toronto
  • Boston
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • Miami

So what can we expect during travel? Those who are lucky enough to go to the World Cup in 2026, or those who are thinking about going, should be aware of a few things regarding the customs, laws, and culture in these places. This guide provides both some practical tips for those traveling and some info that will come in very handy.

Laws Vary by State and Province

If you’re traveling around the U.S. and Canada then it is important to realize that all of the states are responsible for their laws and regulations, meaning some things are legal in some places but not in others. The only real tip here is to check what is allowed before you go. 

This is relevant in areas like online gambling, some of the areas have very limited gambling offerings, some allow online slots, and some have options like a live dealer casino or live in-play sportsbook gambling. America and Canada are generally embracing casinos and both in-person and online live dealer casinos are popular in many parts of the States.

The Area of The World Cup is Vast

The 2022 World Cup saw stadiums all within 55 km of each other. This is not going to be the case in 2026 where the countries cover a massive space and there are thousands of miles between some of the locations. 

For those who want to see as much of the tournament as possible, this could pose a significant challenge. It is not going to be easy to get from one place to another if you are in the region, so try not to pick the stadiums at random. 

The stadiums are categorized into western, central, and eastern, so focusing on one region can be a way to see more of the locations. If you are driving or taking public transport, the stadiums in Philadelphia and New York are examples of those that are relatively close together, and it is simple to get from one to the other.

If you want to see games in all three of the host countries then expect to be taking some flights while you are there.

This World Cup Will See More Matches

While tickets won’t go on sale until much closer to the time of the tournament (probably in 2025) there are more matches than ever in this world cup. Instead of the 32 teams that have been in recent tournaments, there will be 48 in this tournament, much bigger than the World Cup has ever been before. This means there are a lot of chances to get involved and see games. 

The tournament hasn’t changed in format since 1998. In the new iteration, the teams are split into 12 groups of four different teams, and there is a new round of 32. The top two from each group will qualify along with the eight best third-placed teams. This could add an extra bit of interest to the group stages, too. 

There Are Some Interesting Stadiums Involved

Many football fans flocking to the tournaments will be looking to enjoy the fascinating stadiums. Estadio Azteca in Mexico has a rich history since it opened back in 1966. It is referred to as “The Temple Of Mexican Football”.

Other stadiums being used include Lumen Field which is the home of the Seattle Seahawks in American Football but will be converted for soccer use for the duration of the tournament. BC Place in Vancouver is another of the interesting stadiums involved, it has been used for MLS soccer, World Rugby Sevens, Winter Olympics, and the Canadian Football League.


The next world cup may seem like it is far away, but it will come around quickly, plus current plans are in place to help enhance the stadiums and make this one of the most memorable tournaments in recent history. 

We know that Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans are all united in their love of sports, and it will be great for all of these countries to share tournaments, in a new and exciting format for the sport. 

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