Our brain and understanding are improved through educational television shows and films in addition to providing us with the fun we crave. When reading books or articles makes you bored, educational information can save the day. They not only facilitate effective learning but also sharpen our mental capabilities. Educational television programs and films offer you the chance to learn and develop in an enjoyable way in addition to serving as a source of amusement. If you watch good educational programs and films, they enhance your learning even more effectively and can even improve your speaking and listening abilities. Several studies have shown that educational films can improve the development of your critical thinking abilities. Peacock is a US-based streaming service that offers tons of high-quality educational programs and films, but it is only available inside the US.

If you want to watch educational movies and TV series on the Peacock streaming service but aren’t sure how to do it, you’ve come to the correct place. Everything here is taken care of for you. If you’re wondering how to access Peacock’s streaming service from a country other than the USA, this blog post will give you all the details you require.

 Educational Shows and Movies 

Here is a list of some excellent educational movies and shows for you if you want to make the most of your free time while learning and developing your intellect.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

The life of Bill Gates is the subject of this biographical film. This series gives students the chance to learn and become like a millionaire while also imparting the lesson to never stop learning by detailing all the challenges, victories, and objectives of Bill Gates’ life, including those he is still pursuing.

Race to Nowhere 

The main focus of this documentary is students’ lives and how they push themselves to the limit to get decent grades. How overworked and overloaded are the professors, and how overburdened are the students? This teaches us to prioritize our bodily and mental well-being and always put those first. 

The Blind Side

This is a true story based on the experiences of a little child whose mother is a drug addict and who lives in foster care. He eventually has the chance to socialize with other students and forms his own football team, where a friend’s mother essentially adopts him and shows him all the maternal affection he has always been missing. Students learn the value of trust, loyalty, athleticism, and the fact that family isn’t always related by blood from this.

Girls Rising

In this documentary, nine girls from various parts of the world tell their stories. This covers all the difficulties the girls encounter as a result of social and cultural restrictions and how they have to fight to obtain necessities like education.

Plastic Ocean 

If you’re a nature lover then this series is for you. In order to determine how much plastic debris is present in the ocean and how dangerous it is to aquatic life, journalists, free divers, scientists, and researchers traveled to 20 different areas across the world. The journeys are shown in this series. This series really opens your eyes to how humans are destroying the earth.

Our Planet

The lover of nature will adore this documentary. It skillfully explains every aspect of these species’ existence and how climatic changes put their lives in danger. This educational film will provide you with insights into nature and its inhabitants.

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72 dangerous animals

If you are someone who enjoys gaining knowledge about the lives of animals, you should surely watch this series. It provides details mostly on species and identifies those that are wild enough to have the capability to rule the planet.

Mystery Lab

Every student should watch this instructive series, which is incredibly informative. It essentially explains the secrets and issues surrounding the world we inhabit and offers us more positive perspectives on how to live on this planet.

The Social Dilemma

This documentary focuses on how we have become dependent on our phones and how social media is influencing us in ways that we are ignorant of. This series demonstrates how social media is affecting our behavior and molding our emotions. This teaches us to be mindful of how much time we spend on social media and how much of our lives it is taking over

How to Watch Peacock TV Outside the US.

Peacock TV is a US-based streaming service that offers high-quality films and television programs that help students develop their intellect. 

Nevertheless, Peacock TV might only be available in the US due to geo-restrictions. However, you must use a reliable VPN service in order to stream Peacock TV in Canada. By doing so, you can easily bypass such geographic restrictions.


Educational films are not just developed for enjoyment; they also serve a number of other purposes, including teaching and encouraging intellectual growth in young people. These educational series impart many important life lessons to us, like faith, perseverance, discipline, and strength. They support us in our daily lives by assisting us in developing our intelligence.

The only goal of educational content creation is to challenge you to reach your full potential and to do your part in improving the world. Watch as many instructive films as you can, and make an effort to absorb and put into practice the lessons each one teaches you.

A lot of high-quality educational content is shown on the US-based streaming service Peacock TV. Nevertheless, due to geo limitations, it cannot be accessible from outside the US. You must install VPN on your device in order to view the educational content on Peacock TV in Canada only then will you be able to do so without any problem

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