Contrary to popular perception, not only regular individuals play games and use apps on their phones. The majority of famous people spend a lot of time on their smartphones, updating social media, playing their favorite games, gambling at an online casino, and even looking for some romance.

Although it should go without saying that Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat should be on the list, some celebrities do have some unexpected favorites that they use as creative outlets, to establish their brands, or just for fun.

Here Are a Few Apps that Some of Our Favorite Celebs Can’t Stop Using:

Face Swap

In 2016, Sia used the hashtag #IAmThisIsActing to encourage her followers to install Face Swap and replace their faces with the model who is posing as her on the album cover of her latest album. Her 7th studio album, “This Is Acting,” received social media exposure thanks to Face Swap’s magic, and 81,000 copies of it were sold during the first week, according to Complex.

Stake Crypto Casino

Drake is a skilled rapper as well as a self-assured gambler. HipHopDX asserted in December 2021 that the artist had staked over $1 million on Stake Corporation. He is apparently collaborating with Stake to improve the website, in part because virtual gamblers spend a lot of time there.

A joint Instagram post from Drake and Stake Cooperation indicated that the two will collaborate on a live event. He has a strategy for how to use his money, using the “God’s Plan” music video as a model.


“Old Town Road” broke records by being at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 19 weeks straight, and it has since spread throughout the world. Lil Nax X, the 20-year-old artist behind the iconic song, began his journey on the social media platform TikTok.

The app was the ideal medium for disseminating the country-trap smash since it let users easily produce videos that were patched over with various soundbites and sounds.

Following the creation of memes based on the song by listeners, which made the music go viral, the song took off like wildfire on the app.


Dwayne Johnson

One of the top-paid actors in the world and YouTube sensation Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock”. The Rock, the actor’s own YouTube channel, has over 4 million subscribers and offers footage of the star attending premieres, responding to fans’ inquiries, and generally cracking jokes. In 2016, he released a promo for his channel, claiming it will “change the game” on YouTube, as his first video.

Kylie Jenner

Following the introduction of Kylie Cosmetics, it goes without saying that Kylie Jenner quickly established herself as a YouTube native. The reality tv star and beauty entrepreneur frequently invites her famed sisters and good friends to her channel where, more often than not, she tests out her own product lines on them while they chat informally.


Jennifer Aniston claimed that she appreciates a nice customized avatar and that Bitmoji is fun for her because it lets her express her creativity. Additionally, she said in a conversation with E! News that she also makes Bitmoji for her friends.

Users of the program can easily and adorably alter cartoons to reflect their own preferences or to take on completely new characters.

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