Despite a few social media posts causing rumors that Lamar Odom and transgender actress/model Daniiellè Alexis are dating, they are not romantically linked.

Lamar is now single and not dating Daniiellè, according to sources close to him, but the two are cordial and do know one another, as is evident from her social media.

Lamar supposedly met Daniiellè back in June while he was in Los Angeles for the BET Awards. According to our sources, Lamar was out shopping when Daniiellè hopped out of a car, asked for a picture, and then the two swapped phone numbers.

They stayed in touch, and when he recently returned to Los Angeles, they went out to lunch together while they were both in the area. Daniiellè is an aspiring actor, and according to our sources, they frequently discuss the business.

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Lamar’s appearance in a few images taken by Daniiellè sparked relationship rumors, but their friendship has been clarified.

By the way, according to our sources, Lamar has no issues with the transgender population in general or the fact that Daniiellè is a trans woman specifically; there is, however, no chemistry between the two.


Lamar Odam is an American profession basketball player. He is still a single man but according to a source he is involved with transgender actress Danielle Alexis that being said, the Insider did not deny having a friendship with the model but stated that there were no romantic feelings between the two.

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