Following a classified briefing on Monday night, Republican senators indicated hesitant support for additional Ukraine aid that the Biden administration has requested; however, senators are anticipated to reject other top White House priorities from the upcoming stop-gap bill to keep the government open.

In order to keep the government open through September 30th, the Biden administration has requested an additional $12 billion in funding for Ukraine.

GOP backing is crucial because it would need at least 10 Republican votes to end a filibuster attempt.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, a Republican, stated on Monday night that although negotiators are still debating the specifics of a package for Ukraine, it will be in the neighborhood of $11 billion and would contain humanitarian, economic, and military aid.

Republicans Approve $12 Billion in Ukraine Help, but Other Biden Objectives May Be Drop from Funding Bill!

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, another member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he thinks the aid shouldn’t be linked to the continuing resolution, but Republican Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota said he is “open for the discussion” about adding $12 billion in additional Ukraine aid to it.

In response to the administration’s most recent request, Scott stated, “I haven’t seen a full breakdown of exactly how they plan to spend the money.” “Whatever we do on Ukraine, in my opinion, should be done independently of the CR. I believe that a clean CR must be approved by Congress.

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“The discussions take place at a pivotal point in Russia’s conflict in Ukraine. According to US officials, Ukraine’s recent gains show that the weaponry and intelligence the West has been giving it in recent months have been successful.

Since the crisis broke out in February, the Biden administration has sent guns to Ukraine gradually; in some cases, it has agreed to provide equipment that would have been considered far too escalatory early in the fight.

Republicans Approve $12 Billion in Ukraine Help, but Other Biden Objectives May Be Drop from Funding Bill!

Although those lines have varied over time and have been regarded as arbitrary by some former officials, its calculus has mostly been predicated on avoiding systems that Russian President Vladimir Putin may view as excessively aggressive.

Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated on Monday that he anticipates Congress to approve military assistance for Ukraine in the continuing resolution but is concerned that GOP support for Ukraine may deteriorate in the future.

“I predict a long-term decline in Republican support for help to Ukraine. I believe that President Trump’s choice to criticize Ukrainian aid and Republicans who support it will have an effect “Christie told CNN.

“We’ll have enough to carry this help to the end of the current leg. However, the long-term trend of Republican backing for Ukraine is extremely dangerous. Why does that matter? It implies that you shouldn’t bet on Congress continuing to assist Ukraine if Republicans gain a majority in the House and the Senate.”

In the meantime, Cornyn has hinted that the impending stop-gap package won’t include money for Covid-19 relief, monkeypox vaccines, or disaster recovery — all money that the White House has advocated for. This is in addition to GOP Sens. John Thune of South Dakota and Richard Shelby of Alabama.

Republicans Approve $12 Billion in Ukraine Help, but Other Biden Objectives May Be Drop from Funding Bill!

But despite the fact that the cash amount has not yet been determined, all three are hinting that they would be willing to accept funding for Ukraine.

The White House and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer agreed to ease permitting and streamline the environmental review procedure for energy projects in exchange for Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s support for the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. This is a noteworthy issue that is currently being considered.

Republicans have blasted the agreement, but they have not yet indicated whether they will oppose the funding proposal if it includes the measure, in large part because the content of the agreement has not yet been made public.

Progressives have also threatened to oppose the legislation if it is included because of their environmental worries and the possibility that it may approve a large pipeline project through Manchin’s home state of West Virginia.

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