Gun control legislation in the United States has a lot to say from Matthew McConaughey.

This law is “a realistic and comprehensive beginning toward solving the problem of American gun violence,” he said in an Instagram post titled “America…the country of AND” on Saturday.

One of the slides said in part, “This bill will save innocent lives by keeping weapons out of the law-breaking and irresponsible hands that are seeking to hijack the Second Amendment”.

The act of compromising and validating an opposing position, he concluded, “is not flawless, but it is a brilliant illustration of a tremendous American potential and political virtue.”

“Freedom AND Responsibility, Rights AND Duties, Opportunity AND Obligations,” says McConaughey of America.

The actor came to this conclusion: “Our administration has made a positive stride forward. Let’s take this opportunity now to remind ourselves and our country of what we’ve got going for us.”

'Matthew Mcconaughey' Replies To President Biden's 'Gun Control' Bill Signing

“Bipartisan Safer Communities Act,” which was signed into law by President Joe Biden on Saturday, includes basic gun rules as well as money to help those who are mentally ill or at risk of violence.

“I’m about to ratify a bipartisan gun control bill. And the clock is ticking. Saved lives will be the result of our efforts, “Before signing the law in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Biden addressed reporters.

As stated in a White House press briefing, the bill “increases certain restrictions and penalties on firearms purchases, promotes evidence-based best practices for school safety, authorizes grants to expand access to mental health services, and appropriates emergency funding for mental health resources and school safety measures.”

In the last several weeks, McConaughey has attended more than 30 sessions on Capitol Hill related to gun control problems in the United States. To discuss the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school tragedy, which murdered 19 pupils and two instructors on May 24, Matthew McConaughey attended a White House press conference earlier this month.

As he spoke, Matthew McConaughey insisted that “this should not be a party issue.” People in authority have failed to act, despite the fact that these gunmen violated neither democratic nor republican values with their actions.

McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, spent several days in Uvalde, where the actor was born, to meet with the relatives of the victims. After hearing so many tales about the people who died in the tragedy, they realized that all of the families had an identical goal: to make it count.

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“What does it matter if these people died?” In the meeting, McConaughey inquired. “It’s important to remember that this time around, there appears to be a distinct difference. People are beginning to believe that [passing gun safety laws] are a possibility.”

Because of this, McConaughey has been spending a lot of time in Washington D.C. lobbying for gun control and has visited with “over 30 legislators across both parties,” including “leaders of the Senate, the House” and Vice President Biden.

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