Benji Madden, the husband of Cameron Diaz, doesn’t seem to be one to mess about when it comes to planning birthday celebrations.

The Bad Teacher actress discussed how her husband attempted to prepare her star-studded 50th birthday celebration last month in a clip from her forthcoming appearance on the Rachel Ray Show on September 26. Madden, 43, is quoted as saying, “Loves a celebration,” according to the host.

The 50-year-old Diaz revealed, “And when we first met our first year together, he threw me three surprise birthday celebrations for one birthday,” adding that she playfully asked Madden, “Would you please stop doing this?!”

He was extremely insistent that “We have to do something” this year because it was my 50th birthday, but I couldn’t commit, she added.

She continued, “I could see the worry setting in on his face a week beforehand. He’s like, ‘So what are we doing for your birthday?’ and I’m like, ‘Let me get back to you,'” she said. “I could tell he was in such a panic, even though he was trying so hard.”

So, she said, “we just had a great little laid-back dinner with a group of friends who were in town last-minute.” “I truly liked it.”

The Charlie’s Angels actress celebrated her milestone birthday on August 30 at Nobu in Malibu, a source told us. Her husband Madden, Adele, sister-in-law Nicole Richie, Zoe Saldaa, The Other Woman co-star Leslie Mann, and Mann’s husband Judd Apatow joined her for her special day in a private dining room set aside for the event.

“Cameron was excellent. She had a wonderful day honoring her birthday “the source at the time stated. “She was giggling and having a great time. She continued to embrace Benji and her friends. They had a long party.”

According to a second insider, Diaz is “loving turning 50.”

“She genuinely adores her life. She adores her husband and her role as a mother, “added the insider. “She enjoys running her own business and is eager to resume filming. Life is good! is basically Cameron’s daily mantra.”

Raddix, Diaz’s 2-year-old daughter, is Madden’s as well. She made the announcement earlier this summer that she was leaving retirement to work on a Netflix project with Jamie Foxx. She hadn’t acted in a movie since 2014’s Annie, in which Foxx also appeared.

Madden helped her go back into acting, as was previously mentioned. A source said, “He persuaded her to unretire.” The four-time Golden Globe nominee, according to a different Diaz source “went to action once more. She simply required a shove. Cameron has always had a lot of support from Benji, especially when it comes to her career goals.”

The film source continued, “She doesn’t want acting to take over her life now as it did previously. Back in Action is the right movie with the right costar at the right moment. “Everything clicked into place.”

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