Who was Kenan previously married to?

SNL star Kenan Thompson made the decision to end his marriage with his wife Christina Evangeline after nearly 15 years together, in which they were married for 11 years.

The two have been living separately while co-parenting their two daughters Georgia and Gianna successfully. Christina met Kenan when she was 19 years of age.

Kenan and Christina

There were rumours that the two were living separate lives intending to split since 2019 so it did not come as a big surprise when it was revealed that Christina started dating SNL alum Chris Redd.

Who is Kenan rumoured to be dating now?

There are new rumours circulating around Kenan that he is dating 19 year old Aria Lisslo.

Aria Lisslo is a singer, producer and model. All four singles released by her have been completely self-produced, mixed, and mastered.

She was exposed to music before she could talk because she was born and raised in a musical household in New York City.

She attributes her early musical discovery to a family iPod that was loaded with soul, hip-hop, classic rock, and Taylor Swift.


The couple have been spotted at theme parks, concerts and he’s even brought her on as a guest on Saturday Night Live. He has also been known to be her number one supporter in all her endeavours.

There are a lot of criticisms regarding their age gap as Aria was born in the same year that Kenan started working on SNL.

However his media team are denying the rumours of their relationship saying that he is mentoring the young star.

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