Amy Schumer returned to host Saturday Night Live for the third time. She began by saying how “honored” she was to helm the final episode prior to the “midterm abortions” after the pre-election cold open sketch that could best be summarised by James Austin Johnson’s Joe Biden’s words, “big yikes.”

Elections, she said to herself. What did I just say? I apologize; my mind was on the potential consequences of not voting.

The comedian then transitioned to more intimate material about her C-section, her postpartum sex life, and her husband, who has been identified as having autism spectrum disorder. It was formerly known as Asperger’s syndrome, but Kanye discovered that Dr. Asperger had Nazi sympathies. That was weird, she mused, tapping her microphone.

After a brief pause, Schumer continued to share tales about how her husband’s illness has changed their marriage.

“We were sitting outside a couple of weeks ago, it was a nice night, it appeared that it was going to rain, and I was feeling sentimental,” she recalled.

And I said, “Even though these last couple of years with the pandemic and everything have been so stressful, still, being with you and our son, they have been the best years of my life. And after giving me a quick glance, he said, “I’m going to go raise the car’s windows.

Schumer added, “That’s my guy. It’s one of the games we occasionally play: “Is he just a man with autism?”

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