The Lockard family’s journey took an unexpected turn upon the arrival of their daughter, Naomi, when they found themselves propelled into a mission to alter the course of their children’s lives. What started as a seemingly typical beginning for Naomi, a spirited two-year-old, and her content baby brother, Jack, soon revealed signs that all was not ordinary.

Naomi was missing developmental milestones, a cause of concern that led the family to seek medical advice. Genetic testing during Rebekah’s pregnancy with Jack unearthed the harsh reality: Naomi was diagnosed with Spastic Paraplegia 50 (SPG 50), an exceedingly rare neurodegenerative disease that affects fewer than 50 individuals in the entire country.

With a sense of dread, the Lockards discovered that both parents carried a single healthy and a corrupted copy of the AP4-M1 gene, rendering their children susceptible to SPG 50. The disease manifests initially with delayed motor and cognitive milestones, potentially progressing to paralysis and speech impairment, significantly impacting life expectancy if left untreated.

Lockard Family's Inspiring Quest: Raising Awareness and Funds to Battle Rare Disease

Their fears amplified when Jack, too, tested positive for SPG 50 at birth, plunging the family into an emotional whirlwind with minimal support or information available about the condition.

However, a ray of hope emerged with the introduction of a groundbreaking clinical gene therapy trial aimed at combatting SPG 50. Traveling to Dallas, the Lockards embarked on this arduous journey for Jack, commencing a multi-year drug trial offering a glimmer of optimism.

While in Dallas, Jack receives the experimental treatment utilizing gene therapy, a procedure costing a staggering $500,000 per treatment. With a crowdfunding campaign initiated, the family aspires not only to cover their children’s medical expenses but also to support future research and fund additional trials aiding other SPG 50-affected children.

Lockard Family's Inspiring Quest: Raising Awareness and Funds to Battle Rare Disease

Rebekah Lockard acknowledges the emotional sacrifice of being away from Naomi during Christmas, but she clings to the belief that this trial could halt the disease’s progression, offering her children a chance at a brighter future, possibly preserving their cognitive and physical capabilities.

Their non-profit organization, Jack’s Corner, stands as a beacon of hope, aiming to support children grappling with SPG 50 and advance research toward a cure. The Lockards are fueled by an unwavering determination to not just assist their children but to elevate awareness and financial support, envisioning a future where every child affected by SPG 50 can access treatment and hope for a better tomorrow.

Amidst their darkest days, the Lockard family finds solace in the overwhelming support received from their community. Their story epitomizes resilience, fortitude, and the unwavering power of collective humanity to drive change in the face of adversity.

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