Colorado Governor Jared Polis is facing intense backlash following his rendition of “Feliz Navidad,” as the state grapples with an ongoing migrant crisis. The Governor’s holiday message was met with criticism due to its timing, with Denver recently receiving 16 busloads of migrants, exacerbating the strain on resources in the state.

Polis, 48, was captured dancing enthusiastically while singing a cappella version of the hit song by Puerto Rican artist José Feliciano in a video posted on Monday. However, this cheerful message drew ire from social media users, branding the clip as cringeworthy and accusing Polis of misdirecting attention from the pressing issue at hand.

Critics lambasted the Governor’s actions, labeling them as an attempt to pander to Colorado’s growing Latino community. Some questioned the appropriateness of the video, suggesting that it amounted to cultural appropriation and insensitivity amid the state’s migrant predicament.

The public outcry emerged amidst reports of a significant surge in migrants arriving in Denver from various countries like Venezuela, Colombia, and Guatemala. The recent inflow has resulted in a strain on resources and space in the city’s shelters, compelling officials to seek urgent solutions to accommodate the growing population.

Jon Ewing, a Denver Human Services spokesman, expressed concerns about the city’s capacity, indicating that the surge of migrants poses a challenge to an already limited system, raising issues regarding available resources and accommodation.

Colorado Governor's "Feliz Navidad" Gesture Criticized Amidst Escalating Migrant Crisis

Efforts are underway to find employment opportunities for migrants and prevent them from living on the streets, especially families with children. However, the increasing number of migrants has started to impact the local community negatively, with reports of tensions and difficulties faced by residents, including language barriers and strained interactions.

The situation has extended beyond Denver, with smaller towns like Carbondale, around 170 miles west of Denver, grappling with an unexpected influx of migrants seeking refuge. Mayor Ben Bohmfalk emphasized his town’s inability to accommodate such a large number of migrants, expressing concerns about becoming an unsustainable destination for those seeking shelter.

Governor Polis, elected in 2018, has faced mounting criticism for his handling of the migrant crisis, with Coloradans voicing concerns about the escalating situation and its impact on communities across the state.

Colorado Governor's "Feliz Navidad" Gesture Criticized Amidst Escalating Migrant Crisis

The migrant crisis in Colorado mirrors the broader challenge faced by the United States along its southern border, with authorities struggling to manage an unprecedented surge in daily arrivals, suspending rail traffic in certain areas to address the surge in migration. The situation, termed as “unprecedented” by Troy Miller, the acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection, underscores the complexities surrounding the issue of illegal crossings and migrant influx.

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