Building healthy habits and quitting bad habits have become essential as we become more health-conscious. Nowadays, nicotine pouches are used as oral nicotine substitutes for cigarettes and traditional tobacco products. According to data from Maximize Market Research — which you can access here— the nicotine pouch market is expected to hit $17.35 billion by 2029, a significant growth from the $2.04 billion recorded in 2022. Increased awareness of the harms of smoking has led to more and more people seeking smoke-free alternatives that are less harmful to the body. Similarly, health-conscious consumers who prefer tobacco-free products can benefit from using nicotine pouches.

Today, nicotine pouches are only one of multiple oral nicotine products that can be used as substitutes for cigarettes and tobacco. If you’re a smoker looking to kick the habit or try smokeless alternatives, stay tuned. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what nicotine pouches are and how smokers can benefit from using them:

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are small, pre-portioned pouches that contain nicotine and other ingredients, including cellulose, flavorings, and pH adjusters. These pouches are placed in the mouth, between your gum and upper lip, to deliver microdoses of nicotine orally. For smokers and ex-smokers, nicotine pouches provide a smokeless and tobacco-free experience, enriched by various flavors and nicotine strengths depending on their tolerance and needs.

These pouches are often compared to Swedish snus as they look similar. However, unlike snus, nicotine pouches don’t contain tobacco as they are manufactured synthetically. As a result, they are not subject to countries implementing snus bans like those in the EU. Nicotine pouches also differ from traditional snus as they are white, discreet, and won’t stain your teeth.

What are nicotine pouches used for?

While it’s important to note that nicotine pouches aren’t FDA-approved for smoking cessation, many smokers and ex-smokers use them as an alternative or substitute for smoking. Due to their smokeless nature, nicotine pouches significantly reduce exposure to harmful tobacco smoke that is often associated with cardiovascular and lung diseases.

By using a smokeless and discreet alternative, smokers who may previously rely on the habit as a way to cope with stress or anxiety can enjoy a smoke-free alternative. In our previous post on procrastination — which you can read here — we highlighted how unattractive or stressful tasks at work can provoke unpleasant emotions that trigger procrastination. This causes us to seek other “reward” stimuli, such as smoking cigarettes or unhealthy snacking, which can be harmful in the long term. Instead, nicotine pouches offer a way to keep cigarette cravings at bay and handle withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting.

Where to buy nicotine pouches?

So, now that you’ve learned about nicotine pouches and their use, you may be wondering where you can get them. Fortunately, nicotine pouches are available over the counter in physical outlets like convenience stores and supermarkets. 

However, if you need help finding them near you, you can easily order from this site. Online retailer Prilla is home to nicotine pouches from popular brands like ZYN and Velo. You can choose from various flavors, such as peppermint, cinnamon, citrus, or even coffee, and choose from different nicotine strengths. You can also enjoy free shipping for purchases worth $50 and above and easily stock up by opting for multi-packs from 5-packs to 50-packs.

Some online nicotine pouch retailers will also have other nicotine substitute products available. These include nicotine gum, lozenges, and tablets, which are great options if you think nicotine pouches aren’t for you. According to this study from 2022, nicotine tablets have become a viable nicotine substitution strategy for tobacco harm reduction and smoking cessation treatment. Unlike the slow-release effect of nicotine pouches, tablets deliver nicotine more rapidly.

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