From the first episode, people have been paying attention to the new K-drama Business Proposal on Netflix and SBS. The successful webtoon “A Business Proposal” was adapted into the well-known K-drama. Check out the episode guide and locations to read A Business Proposal below.

A star-studded cast for the K-drama Business Proposal includes Ahn Hyo Seop from Abyss, Lovers of the Red Sky, and Dr. Romantic 2, as well as School 2017 beauty Kim Se Jeong.

The Netflix version of the webtoon has so far won over readers of the original manhwa since it delivers a strong cast and a similar resemblance to the original.

Who Made a Webtoon About a Business Proposal?

Guava Farm / Perilla and Narak are the authors and artists of the well-known webcomic A Business Proposal, respectively. The webtoon is based on a unique novel by Haehwa, claims the publisher’s website.

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A Free Place to Read a Business Proposal Webtoon

A Business Proposal webcomic episode can be seen on Tapas here. Download the Tapas app to gain access to every episode that is free.

As soon as you download the app and log in, the first five episodes are free. Additionally, readers will have free access to fresh episodes every Tuesday (except the last 32 episodes).

Over 108 episodes of A Business Proposal have been made available so far.

6 700 000 views Over 195.5k subscribers have been reached by the well-known webcomic. Visit the Business Proposal webtoon below to see what transpires.

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In a Webtoon Business Proposal, What Happens to Tae Mu and Ha Ri?

Where We Can Read The Netflix K-Drama Business Proposal Webtoon?

Readers will have to wait to learn the finish of the webcomic because it is still in progress (in the English edition), but so far the exciting webcomic has not let readers down.

Tae Mu and Ha Ri had a sensual honeymoon together in the webtoon after getting married. Tae Mu learns in episode 106 that he has changed from a “work-o-holic” to a “wife-o-holic”!

We have good news for fans of Sunghoon and Young Seo since the couple will become pretty cozy in the webtoon, and wedding planning has already started!

Since the Netflix adaptation has so far followed the webtoon quite well, fans may anticipate some hot scenes involving Tae Mu and Ha Ri in the coming episodes, but they will have to wait to find out the conclusion.

Love the business proposal from SBS and Netflix? On March 8th, watch episode 4.

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