At least Big Dragon Moments have finally arrived. every other thing? I’m speechless.

Who’s up for another time travel? King Viserys’ deteriorating health and the birth of Queen Alicent’s children are two things that House of the Dragon has long shown by slowly moving the clock forward in between episodes. However, Episode Six represents a significant series of turning points.

Ten years have passed since we last saw everyone. Princess Rhaenyra is expecting, and Emma D’Arcy now portrays her. Both Queen Alicent Hightower and her cousin-husband Laenor Velaryon (John Macmillan) are older (Olivia Cooke). Are all of them now parents? Jeez. Greetings from Full House of the Dragon, everyone.

Let’s begin straight away. After delivering birth, Rhaenyra receives a summons to the Queen’s court. Oh crap, another gruesome birthing scene. Former best friend of Rhaenyra Alicent requests to see the infant. In full view of King’s Landing, Laenor aids her as she moves through the corridors and ascends a sizable set of steps.

As she approaches the Queen’s apartments, the princess is in anguish and leaves a trail of blood. Rhaenyra climbs the stairs despite Laenor’s protests, “She can come to us, this is crazy.”

If the revelation in Episode Five that Rhaenyra had lied to Alicent was any indication of the turmoil to come, their friendship now seemed to be entirely finished.

Even worse, Ser Criston Cole is already there when Rhaenyra enters. From the scorned lover who nearly killed himself, he is now the door guard for Queen Alicent. The Queen is aware that the knight had an affair with the princess, and she will undoubtedly hold onto that unsavory information until the appropriate moment.

Soon after, we get an even greater shock: King Viserys(Paddy Considine) is still alive? In addition to surviving his accident at Rhaenyra’s wedding, he is still alive and well following the time jump. The prospect of the man passing away in an even more absurd manner is once again on the table.

He does, however, have a terrible appearance. Oh, and he has no left arm at all. The boy is given the name Joffrey by Leanor and Rhaenyra in honor of the prince’s lover, Ser Criston, who was killed in the previous episode. Yes, it’s also the name of a fictional, future child king from the Game of Thrones, but what exactly does a name mean?

As usual, the monarch remarks that the kid has his father’s nose. Nobody else in the room is surprised by the fact that Lenor is not the father of this child. Ser Laenor, keep at it, the Queen advises. “You might get one who looks like you sooner or later.” The gloom!

In the following scene, we learn that the child in question is not only Rhaenyra’s third (! ), but also that the Commander of the City Watch known as “Breakbones,” Ser Harwin Strong, is actually the father.

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He has made a few minor cameos in the story, capturing the princess while she was having fun with Daemon in King’s Landing’s streets and later rescuing her from the brawl at the wedding feast.

While Laenor sends the older two sons out to the dragon pit, the two spend some time together with the newborn. a “Dragon Pit” Despite how poor the lighting is, I’m overjoyed to see a newborn dragon.

Children taunt Aemond, Alicent’s second son, since Aegon Targaryen, Alicent’s son, hasn’t trained a dragon for himself. Helaena Targaryen, the daughter of Alicent and Viserys, enjoys collecting insects.

Aegon spends his time nakedly masturbating outside his window. Casual! When his mother enters the room, she doesn’t seem in the least bit alarmed. She reminds him of something her father once said to her before leaving King’s Landing: if Rhaenyra assumes power, there’s a risk she’ll kill anybody who challenges her authority.

She chastises him for picking on his brother. The top spot on that list? Aegon, her oldest stepbrother. Alicent informs him, “You’re the king’s first-born son.” “One day, you’ll rule over us.”

house of dragon episode 6

Later, the Queen chastises King Viserys for allowing his daughter’s relationship with Ser Harwin Strong to result in not one, but three children. Viserys tells a tale about a horse he had that had hair that was different from its mother’s at birth. The man has lost his intellect.

He’ll soon be reminiscing about his time spent with Corn Pop at the neighborhood pool. He finally informs her, “The ramifications of an allegation like the one you toy with would be terrible. “Don’t bring this up again.”

Naturally, she mentions this again right away—to Ser Criston Cole, of all people! Ser Criston responds, “Princess Rhaenyra is bold and relentless.” “a spider that strikes and dries out its prey. A selfish c**t.” Eek! involved in the villain arc. He is stopped by Queen Alicent, and he apologizes. “Your Grace, I’m sorry, that was beneath me,” he apologizes.

Ser Criston’s next task is to teach the boys how to use a sword. The knight is paying more attention to Alicent’s boys than Rhaenyra’s, Ser Harwin observes as he enters the classroom during the knight’s lesson. Jacaerys, Rhaenyra’s firstborn son, is pitted against Aegon, who easily defeats him. on a number of occasions. “Cole, do you teach this?” Harwin enquires.

“Cruelty to an inferior foe?” Most knights, according to Ser Criston, would only be interested in a student as young as Jacaerys if they were their own son. Ser Harwin then strikes him twice in the jaw before slamming him to the ground, exactly like Cole did to Laenor’s fiancé at the wedding.

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Before Ser Harwin can harm Ser Criston permanently, he has yanked away. By the way, the occurrence is a full-courtyard extravaganza that takes place in front of his father, Hand of the King Lionel Strong, and King Viserys.

house of dragon episode 6

Ser Harwin will be returned to Harrenhal with his father as retribution for his despicable crimes. Given his connection to Rhaenyra, Lionel thinks he will feel safer there. Laenor wants to set sail for the Narrow Sea and engage in pirate warfare, so the princess’ worries are far from done.

She tells him, “You will not leave your family.” Laenor feels confined in King’s Landing and thinks he has “done his part” as Rhaenyra’s spouse. She orders him to remain. At a council meeting, Rhaenyra offers to marry off her son Jacaerys and Alicent’s daughter Halaena in an effort to further the peace.

Rhaenyra recently made the offer to have her son wed her step-sister, for those doing the math at home. House Targaryen’s incest is even more perplexing! The Queen is not amused by Viserys’ desire for his grandson to wed his granddaughter. By pointing out that she is breastfeeding through her clothes, Alicent humiliates the woman.

The awfully When she comes back, Larys Strong is eating pie in the Queen’s rooms. She thinks that because he can no longer provide objective advice, his father should step down from his position as Hand of the King. She claims that if her father, Otto Hightower, were Hand once more, he would still be impartial but “biased to me.”

Later, to prevent them from repeating what he is about to say—that he is one of the king’s confessors—Larys tortures inmates in the dungeons and amputates their tongues. For one heinous act, Larys offers them clemency from the death punishment. They make their way to Harrenhal in the dead of night and set fire to the castle.

Larys becomes the lone surviving member of House Strong after Lionel Strong and Ser Harwin are likely killed in the fire. I did not foresee this happening so quickly. The culprits have also seen sporting broaches with the symbol of House Beesbury on them in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

By accusing Lord Beesbury, the king’s Master of Coin, of the crime, is Larys attempting to accomplish two goals at once? What possibly could the elderly man have done to merit such a framing?

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When Queen Alicent learns what Larys did the next morning, she is appalled and tells him that she “did not wish for this.” Assuring her that his reward will come “when the time is perfect,” Larys says.

We visit Prince Daemon in Pentos, who is riding his red dragon, Caraxes, around the city. Laena Velaryon joins him on the back of Vhagar, a still bigger white dragon. Wow, House has finally delivered on the Dragon after several weeks without one. Laena is purportedly Daemon’s new wife, and the two of them have two daughters.

He is thinking about living quietly and peacefully in the East. Zero chance. They are expecting their third child, but difficulties develop during Laena’s pregnancy. She enters the castle grounds, where Daemon is present, and, fearing the worst, she asks Vhagar to burn her alive. Blood and Fire indeed.

Rhaenyra eventually relocates her family to the castle at Dragonstone, capping the whole season’s worth of plot that took place in this single episode—and the action is only getting started. (Literally.)

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